Thena Bursts Over $130M TVL, Builds Strong Ecosystem Partnerships

The growth of Thena has been nothing short spectacular, blasting into the top 10 DEXes on BNB Chain.

Thena DEX Grows Over 800%

Thena Fi has grown over 800% in the last 30 days, just over a month after launch. The protocol has ridden price increases, smart partnerships, and more to bring its Total Volume Locked (TVL) to over $130 million.

Thena’s performance is far and away the top performer of any protocol in the last month, according to data from DefiLlama. No other project grew more than 85%, making the feat achieved by Thena quite impressive. The protocol now sits firmly in of DefiLlama’s Top 10 Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) by volume on BNB Chain, ahead of names like Wombat Exchange, BabyDogeSwap, and Ankr.

Thena’s growth in TVL can be attributed in part to the partnerships secured across the BNB Chain ecosystem which have led to the influx of funds. Using reward and bribe incentives, partnerships with major names like Stader, Beefy Finance, 1inch, and more, have helped boost the ecosystem and its offerings.

The protocol offers APYs over 10% for stablecoins liquidity providers, and there are yields of over 200% for pairs related to the native THE token. There are also liquidity options and incubation-style servicees for projects.


What is Thena Finance:

THENA is a decentralized exchange ecosystem on BNB Chain. THENA is designed to be the native liquidity layer of BNB Chain. The protocol seeks to build partnerships that enable a decentralized and open-source economy and builds on a collaborative strategy to solve the liquidity problem for projects.

Where to find Thena Finance:

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