TheLivingDeadNFTs Debuts Solid First Weekend After Mint

The NFT protocol attracts massive interest from numerous users moments after launching on BNB Chain.

TheLivingDeadNFTs Celebrates Huge Milestone 

TheLivingDeadNFT has started its Non-fungible Token (NFT) journey on a positive note. The NFT platform on BNB Chain recorded some significant achievements after launching on April 1. 

The new Zombie-themed NFT collection comprises 5000 unique hand-drawn NFTs, which users can easily mint for as low as 0.05 BNB on its website. Within a few days after its successful launch, the NFT platform recorded over 100 holders on top of its listing on NFTKey, a decentralized NFT marketplace. The protocol summarized its progress on April 3 via Twitter. 

“We reached the 10% minted mark in not even 48h. What an amazing journey with you Guys until now. I’m so happy to have you all in my community. We definitely will reach something great together,” TheLivingDeadNFT’s Twitter page disclosed. 


Presently, over 600 NFTs have been minted on the platform. The protocol also has a special package for users who mint a specific amount of its unique collection. According to the website, users who mint more than five NFTs would be airdropped on Sweet Stacks NFT. 

Apart from the huge number of mints recorded and its listing on NFTKey, the NFT platform also celebrated its growing Twitter fanbase. On April 3, TheLivingDeadNFT celebrated 400 followers two days after launch. As expected, the number of Twitter followers has increased as the protocol reaches the 600 mark. 

The protocol is still considered an early bird with just four days in the industry. However, the achievement within a short period is an indication that the protocol will become one of the fastest-growing NFT projects on BNB Chain. 

What is TheLivingDeadNFT? 

The Living Dead is a collection of 5000 unique hand-drawn NFTs. The collection consists of 4980 common Zombies, five special Zombies, and 15 humans called the hunters. Users who mint one of the 15 hunters will be given two Zombies for free. 

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