The Wasted Lands Metaverse’s First NFT Project “Lemurian Angels” To Launch On Opensea, Celebrating Upcoming Kucoin Listing Event

The Wasted Lands is a gaming platform which includes puzzle, racing and other elements and also its own metaverse called ‘The Wasted-Verse.’

With the concept of post-apocalypse, The Wasted Lands is among the one of the first blockchain games of its kind to integrate puzzle, racing and other gaming elements into its gameplay, making it the ultimate evolution of the Fantasy Role-Playing Game. The Wasted Lands’ players progress through the setting’s era by immersing themselves in multiple gameplays, all of which will happen in the one and only metaverse of The Wasted Lands, also known as ‘The Wasted-Verse’.  This metaverse’s avatar NFTs collection, set to be released on Open Sea this 2nd March, will transform players into game characters, and allow them to explore this futuristic Wasted-Verse.

What is The Wasted Lands’ Avatar Collection? 

Aiming at becoming the next market leader in the GameFi industry, The Wasted Lands is developed to be more than just a Play-to-earn Match-3 board game, with the team going the extra mile to integrate metaverse into the game. The story of the game could thus continue to unfold from Lemuria Island, one of the most fabled lost continents in The Wasted Lands’ World, to many more mystic lands as the game chapters progress. Players can either interact with each other across the lands in The Wasted-verse or meet up on Lemuria Island to trade and make new friends. 

The exciting gameplay and the attractive rewards are to captivate and engage players from the get go. A collection of 10.000 warrior NFTs avatars representing the respective number of unique Lemurian Angel characters in the game is set to launch in Q3/2022. This collection will be the gateway for players to gain early access to the Metaverse and to start discovering the thrilling playability of the game. Each one-of-a-kind Lemurian Angel is programmatically generated from over 200 traits and will have the same utility in the game. However, there are some super rare traits such as Abyssal Depths, Judgment Day, Cyberpunk Era,… that you should keep an eye on. 

By owning the avatar, players can own a priority ticket to accessing an attractive and adventurous gaming world, as each avatar is interoperable and can be used to play across the Metaverse of The Wasted Lands. 

Once gaining access to the Lemuria Islands, players will have the chance to unlock not just a single play-to-earn game, but a large variety of them. Besides, they can explore the Metaverse to make new friends and earn rewards. Early contributors who join this special INO event can receive a 50 $WAL token at Public sale price as a bonus.

What sets The Wasted Lands apart from other NFT projects is that its NFT is not solely used for collection but can also be used across multiple gameplays integrated in the Metaverse. Set to get listed on big CEX on 7th March, The Wasted Lands is a highly anticipated and promising project that has the potential to attract numerous Play-to-earn enthusiasts in the future.

INO details:

Quantity: 10,000 Lemurian Angels’ limited avatars representing 10.000 unique Lemurian Angels characters.

Price to mint: 0.1 ETH floor price

Public mint date: 2nd March, 2pm UTC

Benefits: Enhance game powers and receive 50 $WAL token at Public sale price 

Each NFT can be traded on the Open Sea immediately after being minted.

Mint now at:

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