The Top 10 BNB Chain Games

The popular cryptocurrency world external to Bitcoin was initially created in opposition to the centralization of gaming assets.

I don’t think it’s necessarily about players owning their gaming assets; they want control over what they pay for — or inversely, they don’t want someone else to have control and power over their property. There are also clear examples of players not even caring to own any assets for a game to grow and thrive.

As is often the case, the value of a construct isn’t apparent until facing a challenge. It’s then you realize the obstructions of whatever the current system happens to be.

Regardless, most gaming projects in the space are excuses to have tokens to pump and dump on their user base. As is the case with most projects in the space. Is there real value and utility to blockchain gaming? Yeah, in some ways. But that’s for another article.

In 2023 GameFi — blockchain and smart contract-powered gaming — is an ever-growing and vital subset of the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In exploring building my project Dendrite Games on BNB Chain, I took a quick tour of some of the top games on the protocol.

Here are the top 10 BNB Chain blockchain games by popularity. This will be a quick overview of their gameplay and revenue design — in ascending order.

Source : bsc.medium

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