The Story Behind Little Baby Doge NFTs

With charitable intent driving their creation, Little Baby Doge NFTs offer more than just digital art for buyers.

NFTs Explained

The crypto space has seen a recent spike in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), both in terms of minting and sales. As the name suggests, non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are designed to simply remain irreplaceable. 

Just as you cannot trade or exchange your identity with any other human being on this planet, or replace the entire planet with a new one, so too are NFTs designed to be one-of-a-kind digital assets built with an irreplaceable identity that forever lives on the blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts, you can turn anything into an NFT therefore giving it unique immutable and irreplaceable qualities. It’s simple, all you have to do is create a digital identity for that object on the blockchain and you have yourself an NFT. How rare and unique you choose to make your object is all up to you.

The good news is that Little Baby Doge is now bringing the innovation behind NFTs to its followers thus allowing them to mint NFTs that represent anything under the sun. From digital art to drawings, music files, or even intellectual property and ideas, anything can be made into an NFT to become unique and irreplaceable. 

Little Baby Doge NFTs

In circles of crypto enthusiasts, Little Baby Doge is referred to as the youngest brother of the DogeCoin family. However, beyond the fun and excitement of a meme coin, Little Baby Doge (LBD) gives its holders the chance to invest in a project with an actual cause. LBD is a proprietary, hyper deflationary token that not only rewards token holders through static rewards but also performs true automatic token burns with every trade from within the liquidity pool. The project’s focus in the fight against climate change, is the reason why most of its NFTs have a climate-themed aspect.

What Makes LBD’s NFTs Unique? 

Well, for one, those NFTs are inspired by notable individuals leading the fight against climate change such as Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, among others. It is for this reason that part of the proceeds earned from the sale of NFTs on the Little Baby Doge marketplace will go to organizations involved in alleviating the problems caused by climate change.

Greta being one of our biggest inspirations in fighting climate change makes it only right that a portion of the sale of any Greta NFT goes to the Greta Thunberg Foundation to help drive awareness in the overall agenda for a better planet for all.

Focus on What Matters

Granted, multiple projects are set to reap lucrative gains from Little Baby Doge’s NFT marketplace, however, LBD’s focus is beyond the financial gains. LBD is looking to use crypto as a platform for fighting global warming. Even the sale of a single NFT will go a long way in keeping the team behind Little Baby Doge inspired to continue in the good fight.

Furthermore, Little Baby Doge’s focus beyond the financial gain is a rallying call to other crypto projects to not only be drawn into the NFT and crypto game due to the financial rewards but also remember to give back to society for the sake of various communities and the planet.

Visit the collection and join the fight against climate change using proceeds from the sale of NFTs.

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