The Sandbox NFT Metaverse Platform Announces Walking Dead Land Sales

The Walking Dead will be coming to Sandbox as users are given the chance to purchase their own ‘LAND.’

Walking Dead in The Sandbox

Users will have the opportunity to play, create and govern their own Walking Dead world. 

Starting on August 26th at 1PM UTC, the auction will drop on over 3,000 lands, 500 of which are termed ‘premium.’ Four ‘Waves’ of sales will take place each Thursday after the initial date, lasting until the 16th of September.

“The survivors of the apocalypse have landed on our Metaverse,” the announcement on Sandbox’s official Medium page reads. “Meet the iconic heroes of the renowned comic series Rick, Glenn, and the infamous Negan in their voxelized form within our exclusive. The Walking Dead LAND sale.” 

The sales will take place on OpenSea, and ‘Estates’ will be sold with prices varying in size. Each week should be a new set of surprises with equipment and other goodies for the game. Thankfully this zombie invasion has a time limit of just four weeks.


What are LANDS?

A LAND is a digital piece of real estate within The Sandbox’s metaverse. Each LAND is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Owning LAND allows users to construct their own worlds and monetize them––whether that be through a game, a diorama, or an art gallery. These are just a few examples of the creative opportunities The Sandbox Metaverse allows. 

The Dutch Auctions

The sale is described as a ‘Dutch Auction,’ meaning that a high price will initially be stated and gradually decreased until the winning bid is confirmed. All estates will be sold via Dutch Auction. 

The Estate Dutch Auction will begin at the following prices.

ESTATE S – 500,000 $SAND
ESTATE M – 1,000,000 $SAND
ESTATE L – 5,000,000 $SAND

The first user to accept the bid will get the ESTATE. Only four weeks, so users should catch each wave as soon as they can.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic comic book series initially created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The new world-renowned title has inspired several hugely successful TV series adaptations, games, and even novels. 

The huge following The Walking Dead enjoys is likely to bring prospective users to Sandbox, who will want to utilize this encouraging partnership.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox describes itself as a virtual world where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences and assets inside an immense virtual world. 

The Sandbox offers a suite of tools tailor-made to empower players to come together and create engaging experiences across their ‘metaverse’.

They are focused on offering users what can best be described as a canvas, which an array of different tools for creation are then afforded. Ultimately the user then has the chance to monetize their own worlds.

Where to find The Sandbox:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | 


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