The Refinable Big Bang Competition Concludes

The winners have been announced from participating individuals, and community voters have been selected and rewarded.

The Competition’s Close

Following the announcement of the competition calling on all artists on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to participate, the competition successfully kicked off 30th of April. It was scheduled to close on the 8th of May with the following timeline for events:

April 30 – Submissions for artists open

Artists can start submitting their artworks by following the steps described above.

May 8 – Submissions for artists close

The deadline period for submissions ends on May 8, 2021, at 11:00 AM (UTC).

May 10 – Community vote starts

All BSC users will be able to vote for their favorite artwork via the Refinable voting page.  The link for the voting page will be published shortly before starting the voting period, which will last for 48 hours.

May 12 – Winners announcement

The top 5 artworks will be announced based on the number of total votes and 45 random winners who cast their votes in the competition.

May 13 – Prize distribution to artists and voters

The team will mint the winning NFTs and start distributing the prizes to both artists and voters.

On May 13th, the winners were selected and the prizes distributed as announced by both Refinable and Binance.

Here are the top 5 projects selected as winners!

Rewards have been sent to 45 winners who were part of the voting pool as well, according to their announcement on the 13th. These winners were selected at random and also received NFT prizes.

List of the 45 winners who participated in the community vote

This will hopefully be one of many NFT events from the Refinable team as the project looks at expanding its influence in the ecosystem.

About Refinable 

Refinable’s dApp greeting message introduces their strengths for the community

Refinable is an NFT marketplace built on the BSC network, backed by Mr. Beast and Binance. The protocol aims to support creators and curators of NFTs into a thriving ecosystem allowing NFT trades, creations, and distributions. With backing from such influential players financially, the protocol has a solid base from which they have been able to launch a quality product.

Closing Thoughts

Refinable Big Bang Competition Banner

The NFT Big Bang Competition is one of many events the BSC community has been able to enjoy. Because the BSC hosts so many user-rewarding events, it is no wonder that projects that embrace these competitions seem to succeed. Refinable has found an entry point to the market through an NFT event with user prizes, and investors could reward the project by investing in its future.

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