The OddZ Finance Binance Smart Chain Bridge is Live

Oddz Finance joins the extensive list of projects successfully bridged to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. In its latest news Tweeted through its official handle, the network opens up its platform to a wide range of users in the BSC ecosystem, leveraging the low fees and large scale that the network offers.

What is Oddz Finance

Oddz Fi is a multichain Options trading platform providing a simple, decentralized, and secured options trading experience. The protocol utilizes its built-in oracle system that provides real-time data.

Exclusive coverage of the platform features and products by the BSCNEWS is posted HERE. Oddz Fi offers users a simple, sleek, and intuitive decentralized derivative platform that allows seamless trading of call and put options, conditional markets, and swap contracts. In its effort to open up to a wide array of users available on the BSC ecosystem, Oddz Fi has integrated a bridge to facilitate such transactions.

For those who wish to see an in-depth overview of Oddz Finance, please refer to the following article:

Binance Smart Chain Bridge

The BSC has specifically been praised for its low fees when compared to other legacy blockchains of Ethereum and Bitcoin. BSC offers users a more scalable network, helping to mitigate the cost of expensive fees. The BSC opens up the DeFi landscape to all users, offering nominal fees.

Oddz Fi is excited to release its Binance Smart Chain bridge. This will mark the beginning of Oddz in Bep20, the native token standard on the BCS. The bridge will be necessary to help Oddz ERC20 holders bridge to the BEP20 counterparts smoothly and seamlessly.

The Options platform will take advantage of the low fees and high capacity of the BSC network. The efficiency of the network has continued to attract projects into the ecosystem. According to the team via its official released Medium post, the bridge will be the first step in Oddz mission to offer a seamless on-chain option trading solution with an in-built Oracle solution.

Oddz ETH-BSC Bridge

By this action, users will now have the flexibility to trade in the Oddz-BNB pool through the PancakeSwap Dex protocol.


Recently, Oddz formed a strategic partnership with Dafi Protocol to introduce a new staking model using synthetics. The association will help Dafi integrate dTokens into the Oddz network and allow Oddz Finance to reward their platform users for staking with synthetics.

Platform Roadmap

As stated in the project review, the bulk of the plans have been achieved. Q2 and Q3 plans are already underway.

The oracle launch

Integration with Polkadot network

Oddz option on wallet dapps

Oddz futures platform 

Conditional and Perpetual markets

Options trading platform for the European style of options

Oddz finance owning a parachain in the Polkadot network will secure its multichain ability. It will offer interoperability between BSC, ERC, and DOT networks. This allows Oddz to scale even further and expose the platform to a much bigger audience.

Binance Smart Chain Bridge is the first step towards achieving its multichain abilities. The inclusion of the futures market, conditional and perpetual markets are expected to follow. OddZ Fi will own one of the biggest utilities in the Options market, enlarging its potential to become more successful in the future.

For users with interest to learn more about Oddz protocol trustless on-chain Option trading platform, the following resources will be useful;

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