The New Stock Tokens to Be Made Available on Binance Exchange

Microstrategy (MSTR), Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) This Stock Token will be available on, according to the schedule as follows:

  • Microstrategy (MSTR/BUSD) at 2021-04-26 1:30 PM (UTC)
  • Apple (AAPL/BUSD) at 2021-04-28 1:30 PM (UTC)
  • Microsoft (MSFT/BUSD) at 2021-04-30 1:30 PM (UTC)

Users will be able to trade these Stock Tokens on the Binance website.

What is the Binance Stock Token? The Binance Stock Token is a stock Token (that is, shares of a public company) traded on a traditional stock exchange. Each Share Token represents one common share of the shares concerned. This Stock Token is fully supported by the underlying securities depository portfolio owned by CM-Equity AG, Germany (“CM-E”). Share token holders will be eligible for economic returns from the underlying shares, including potential dividends. Binance will monitor market demand and strive to provide a conduit to more Stock Tokens issued and sold by CM-E. then for Stock Token Trading will follow traditional exchange hours and is not available to residents in Mainland China, Turkey, the United States, and other limited jurisdictions ultimately determined by CM-E.. Interested traders will only be able to trade Stock Tokens after meeting all the Know-Your-Customer requirements and other related compliance requirements.

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