The New Generation Multi Network- Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm is a financial technique or process that assists you in achieving financial success. The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming boosted by NFTs is Banksy Farm.

Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project since its beginning. Banksy Farm is an Avalanche-based multi-project network. In terms of time-to-finality, Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain market. The classic 2005 Banksy farm work ‘Love is in the Air’ has been announced as the first addition to Particle Collection’s collection. “Love is in the Air” was purchased for $12.9 million at Sotheby’s auction in May, and has been described as a “quintessential Banksy painting: instantly recognised.”

It contains a number of large projects, all of which are mentioned below.

Features of Banksy Farm’s Projects:

  1. Presale Launch:

The most effective strategy to increase project liquidity while avoiding Bots. The most equitable of all launch methods.

  1. Vaults:

They took farms and took it a step further by assisting the community in achieving larger earnings through auto-compounding without the need for investor engagement.

  1. NFTs:

They enhance NFTs with new features such as increased dividen pools, NFT gaming, and more!

  1. Anti-bots:

Bot detecting measures are being implemented to protect actual investors in their community.

  1. Walls (Dividend Pool):

Their dividend pools provide partners tokens to Banksy investors who keep the token for a length of time.

  1. Classic Yield Farming:

This initiative allows individuals who prefer the traditional method of coin farming to do so.

Lets get into the detail!

Presale Information:

Pre-sale information is the most effective strategy to avoid bots and increase liquidity. They chose a Presale Strategy for this cryptocurrency launch.

This is the most effective technique to increase liquidity. Along with Banksy Farm’s finest Anti-Bot System to ensure security.

Presale Dates

Presale Steps                                                         Block                                  Date(Approx)

Presale Starts                                                          TBA                               2021-12-03 16:00 UTC                  

Presale Endes              TBA    2021-12-05 15:00 UTC

Liquidity Provided              TBA    2021-12-06 15:00 UTC

Swap Presale Token              TBA    2021-12-06 16:00 UTC

Farming Starts              TBA    2021-12-09 15:00 UTC

$Banksy Information:

The Banksy Farm Multi-Network coin is $Banksy Token. Because of its novel emission rules, this token is deflationary. Banksy NFT is a brand new token on the Binance Smart Chain network with a plethora of valuable characteristics that all investors adore! Burning, anti-whale, anti-bot, and dashboard with tracking, as well as NFT marketplace financials and all information!

In Avalanche, the first $Banksy Token will be released. 

Advantages of Banksy Token:

  • Get rewards by farming Banksy.
  • Get prizes by staking Banksy on vaults.
  • Earn partners tokens by holding Banksy on Walls.

Banksy Token Details 

Ticker                                                                               $Banksy

Contract Address                                                              TBA

Maximum Supply                                                              5,000,000

Farming Estimated Duration                                             3 months 

DEX                                                                                    Pangolin

The developer wallet will receive 10% of the Banksy token emission rate commission. Any tokens remaining in the dev wallet will be delivered to the burn address after marketing, development, and partnership expenses have been paid.

Emission Rules:

They chose this steady emission rate pattern to ensure that APRs remain as high as feasible while farming, incentivise liquidity providers, and build new partnerships.

The emission rules are depending on the start of farming:

First 24hs – 12/10                     8 tokens per block

Second 24hs – 12/11                6 tokens per block

From 12/11 to 12/19                4 tokens per block

From 12/19 to 12/26                3 tokens per block

From 12/26 till end of supply   2 tokens per block

The maximum quantity will last approximately 3 months.

Distribution of Deposit Fees:

Deposit fees of 4% are used for: 

Wall Pools (Dividend Pools).




Salaries for developers.

BuyBack/Burn Policy:

In order to help the community maintain a more stable pricing, they have decided on the following buyback policy:

  • Buybacks will take place as Banksy Farm analysts determine whether a price correction is required.
  • Pre-sale allocation + deposit fees will be used to pay burn backs.
  • Any unsold presale Tokens will be utilised for partnerships, and will be burned if Banksy Financial analysts deem it essential.

Everything that is bought back will either be used for potential collaborations or burned.

Multipliers and Bonus:

To ensure that we have the optimum multipliers / bonus structure while farming, their Financial Team will track Token Price / Deposit Behavior.

During farming, multipliers and bonuses may change.

Everything is manually queued, and a timelock is set in place.

Token Contracts:





Banksy Token



The Banksy team has finished all of the preliminary work and is now ready to begin promoting the project and collaborating with the marketplace.


Banksy Farm’s work frequently consists of multi-layered stencils mixed with different media. Banksy Farm has been a MULTI-Network Project since its inception. AVALANCHE is the first network where the project will be broadcast. 

Following that will be the other networks:

  • FTM
  • IOTeX 
  • Cronos 
  • BSC 

The project’s arrival order will be disclosed shortly. 

Yield Farming:

Staking or lending Banksy tokens in order to create high returns or rewards in the form of extra Banksy tokens is known as Yield Farming.

Farmers will be able to reap excellent yields from the following:

 Use $BANKSY in Yield Farms (LP’s) ;

 Stake $BANKSY to get more $BANKSY.

Walls (Dividen Pools):

Put your $BANKSY on the wall. 

Other tokens can be used to earn rewards. Please fill out the partnership form if you want your project to be included on our Wall.

Play the Harvest Prediction Game:

  • To earn other tokens, stake $Banksy.
  • Playing a price prediction game (MATIC/USD) can help you get rid of harvest lockup.
  • Use your NFT Card Oracle and VFR Random powered by CHAINLINK to increase your rewards.


1. Earn Token Reward by Staking BANKSY. To increase your benefits, choose your NFT Card.

2. The harvest lock-up time is 4 hours.

3. Play the prediction game if you wish to harvest earlier.

4. Each round will last 5 minutes.

5. Predict whether the Matic/USD value is bullish or bearish.

6. If you win, you’ll be able to harvest earlier!

Anti-Bot System:

They implemented an Anti-bot Feature employing Blacklisting Technique to their contract in an ongoing effort to provide the best security for the community.

This feature’s primary goal is to protect the early liquidity from bots.

What is the mechanism behind it?

The Anti-Bot Feature looks for three things:

Condition 1: Tx is higher than expected 

Condition 2: Wallet balance exceeds expectations.

Condition 3: The wallet has previously been blocked.

False Positive — What to do?

If you are blacklisted and can show that you are not a bot, please contact Banksy Customer Support and we will assist you in removing your name from the list.

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