The Lost Throne AMA Transcript

“The Lost Throne is an MTG-inspired Play for Fun & Play to Earn trading card game that anyone can not only get the fun of the game, but also earn tokens through superb card skills and contributions to the ecosystem”

1. Please give us a brief introduction to The Lost Throne


The Lost Throne (TLT) is a new meta-universe NFT TCG concept game designed and developed by Shiva Gaming since 2019. Play to Earn: The Lost Throne is an MTG-inspired Play for Fun & Play to Earn trading card game that anyone can not only get the fun of the game, but also earn tokens through superb card skills and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can collect, build, battle and trade in this mysterious fantasy world full of swords and magic.


Sounds great! What platforms can you play TLT on?


You can play The Lost Throne (TLT) on mobile (Android & iOS) and PC (Windows & Mac).

2. How did the idea of making The Lost Throne come about?


The Lost Throne was born from a multidisciplinary group of people, who saw the great opportunity available in the ‘blockchain x crypto x gaming’ crossroad. We’ve formed a core group of people in the beginning of 2019, and here we are now!

 3. Can you tell us more about the progress of the project and when we can expect some releases?


Open Beta release date: Jan. 20th, 2022

Estimated full version release date: Feb. 10th, 2022

We kicked off CP IDO from Jan. 5th to Jan. 7th <- achieved

First game mystery box will be available for public sales around mid-January.

Open Beta test has started 20th of January 2022

The full version TLT will be released in the middle of Feb 2022.

4. Can I participate in the TLT beta game now?


The open beta festival is open to Android users only (Sorry, IOS users)

Participants are advised to go through this tutorial to ensure hassle-free participation. There are a few steps required for your actions before you can start playing the game:

5. What will happen to the cards obtained by the Open Beta players, will they lose them and get a copy?


All progress will be wiped when the game releases, to ensure everyone can start playing on mainnet in the same conditions. 100 of our better ranked users will receive a Pioneer Gold card when the Open starts, as a ‘thank you’ for all the great test they have done so far.

6. Should P2E be necessary for blockchain games?


We were pleasantly surprised to see the good results achieved by various excellent blockchain games in the past few months.

But we don’t think that Play to Earn is the most important for blockchain games, but P2E is indeed an attractive concept under certain market conditions. When evaluating games, the evaluation criteria should not be lowered just because the object is a blockchain game, but should be treated the same as normal games and have the same standard of gameplay. Compared with traditional video games, blockchain games have more innovative advantages, but we believe that all these breakthroughs should not be at the expense of gameplay.

Players always need more fun games, which is an everlasting need.

7. What makes The Lost Throne unique and innovative?


The Lost Throne has a Dual-token Economy System:

the Equity type Crystal Powder (CP) and the economic type Dream Dust (DD).

There are four most significant innovations:

Co-creation: We invite players from all levels to co-create content and gameplay to jointly define the future of NFT games, and players suggestions for improvement will help us to adjust the usability of NFT games;

Universality: We build highly compatible NFT games based on efficient TCG development to keep expanding application scenarios of NFTs;

Sharing: The vast majority of games’ revenue will be shared with and by the community.

NFT DIY: NFT assets and application scenarios jointly defined by the community

Expansions of Magic World genes to diversify the appearance of NFTs.

 Multiple quality Card games developed based on NFTs and the token system, combined with SDKs to be progressively accessible to external developers, drive the creation of unlimited application scenarios for NFTs on the platform.

8. What do you think of the blockchain game industry?


The advancing and maturing NFT market creates a favorable environment for the birth of GameFi. GameFi, originally denoted “gamified finance”, is a concept combining DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. GameFi is a remaking of traditional gaming business models by innovating and blending DeFi, NFTs, and games into a new application scenario. GameFi introduced financial products into games, enabling game players to play for profit and empowering the DeFi and NFT market via expanding their adoption scenarios. Many startups have thrived on this boom and witnessed the explosive growth of GameFi.

 We all know that GameFi is based on the shared recognition of NFTs’ value, which means that NFTs enable the P2E model. NFTs are capable of creating value themselves; the shared recognition of NFTs’ value justifies the value of GameFi. “Game” refers to games that are meant for creating application scenarios in which NFTs create value. “Fi” is finance, which derives value from transactions of items that are recognized as valuable. Thus, it is NFTs themselves that underpin the GameFi value creation system.

 The core of ContentFi, as the name suggests, is content, and to be specific, the potential application scenes of NFTs. The value of NFTs lie in their scarcity, uniqueness, and the universal recognition of their value. Games represent simply one application scenario in which users build consensus. As more application scenarios are created, NFTs can unlock more possibilities and enable more relevant and immersive experiences for users, thereby creating new value.

9. How do players earn money through The Lost Throne?


The Lost Throne is a NFT card game. The changeable rules of The Lost Throne encourage players to collect more NFTs. Players will use custom decks to defeat their opponents in flexible ways according to their opponents.

Winning the duel will receive DD as rewards. DD can be exchanged for cash, which can be used for casting production props “plating flash” cards, increasing NFT level or opening new card packs. The number of rewards will vary according to the cards rarity, MMR. Winning a higher-level match means higher rewards.

10. What is L-Key?


L-Key is the login token every player is required to acquire in order to start playing the game.

To generate a L-Key, you must deposit CP and USDT tokens to receive CP-USDT LP tokens in the liquidity pool. In our wallet, you will be able to generate a L-Key with the LP tokens on LandSwap. CP token is Crystal Powder which is the main token for an game account.

After installing the game and acquiring the L-key, you can finally log in to the game.

Every L-Key is set to be permanently valid. However, you can choose to allow your L-Key to expire in one week or one month.

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