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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello Mr. Don Zhu! Welcome to the community Are you having a good day today?

Don Zhu: I assume yes. Good day my fellows

Cryptodaily Admin: Well I hope after this AMA, we can turn that “assume” into “definitely”!

Don Zhu: definitely

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m excited for this AMA, TheKillBoxGame is absolutely a blast. The first FPS Game integrated with blockchain tech

Don Zhu: Let’s get it. I am thrilled to announce good news to your members

Q1. What is The Killbox Game? Please make a brief introduction.

Don Zhu: The Killbox is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game as well as an NFT project on-chain. It is an action-packed, somewhat bloody first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and it has incorporated a tradable NFT weapon system and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game.

You can download the Beta version of TKB Game and start the journey of Play to Earn journey in this combat arena now!


GooglePlay (



PC Steam


Social Links

Telegram Chat (

Website (

Whitepaper (

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Cryptodaily Admin: I have always been a fan of FPS gaming and now seeing an actual FPS game joining blockchain… There are no words

Q2. What was the inspiration behind starting The Killbox Game?

Don Zhu: That’s my man. The Killbox Game was launched in 2017. And it has gained pretty good revenue these years. The Killbox team commits to create the first on-chain FPS game, which is accessible to EVERYONE. We desire to bring it to all cryptos and gamers around the world. Gamers can earn their income through their skills, and cryptos can earn profits through owning the NFT weapons, armories and lands.

Annihilate the completion in real-time PVP, face off against opponents in blast mode or experience terrifying single player mode and so on, where players collect chests to obtain different levels of NFT Weapons and equipment. NFT weapons of the same level have unique attributes to generate TKB tokens, and players can synthesize to obtain better attributes.

Good news coming!

NFT Sale and Blockchain version is coming!

Cryptodaily Admin: So TheKillBoxGame actually achieved quite a success before coming to the blockchain tech.

Don Zhu: Yes, we saw the potential and future of Blockchain game, NFT and Play to earn

Q3. What are current features of The Killbox Game?

Cryptodaily Admin: I can see that you have a Zombie mode already

Don Zhu: Featured weekly Elite Competitions, which is currently 3 times on a weekly basis.

We designed a precise play-to-earn system for the distribution of $KBOX rewards.

The Killbox’s gameplay will be interactive with a 360-degree arena combat experience with VR capabilities. Additionally, users can choose from various modes, such as sniper and DM mode, while earning rewards from their gameplay. Annihilate the completion in real-time PVP, face off against opponents in blast mode or experience terrifying single player mode and so on, where players collect chests to obtain different levels of NFT Weapons and equipment. NFT weapons of the same level have unique attributes to generate KBOX tokens, and players can synthesize to obtain better attributes.

This was the latest Elite competition last week. Feel free to contact @Vivian_TKB if you are interested in joining the elite competitions and win $KBOX rewards:

Q4. Do you have competitors building something similar to The Killbox Game?

Don Zhu: Yes, there are some NFT Games already, like Axies and Mobox. Compared to them, $KBOX token is of much more utility in our game.

The most significant advantage of TKB Game is that we are the first FPS game ever on-chain and the consumption of $KBOX is of high speed in-game. We will have the largest market to explore among all NFT and Play-to-earn Game projects. and the NFT Sale is about to start. If you are interested and have any questions, feel free to talk to @Kelly_thekillbox .

NFT Sale:

Q5. Can you talk about the Roadmap of the TKB Game?

Don Zhu: We have launched an internal test with almost 5,000 testers. And Blockchain TKB Game has been released today, NFT Sale starts from Jan.20 to Jan.27.

Join and to receive the latest info!

Check our roadmap below.

Oct. 2021

– Beta testing for the game & Community construction

Nov. 2021


– Marketing

– KBOX token listing on an Exchange

Dec. 2021

– Elite Competition

Jan. 2022

– On-chain version launch (Blockchain game and Marketplace)

– Initail NFT Offer

Mar. 2022

– Beta version of Metaverse system launch

Apr. 2022

– Land sales and rental

May 2022

– User Generated Content

As you can see, we have detailed plans for each phase. And The Killbox Game is a game project, we will continue to develop new content, new functions all the time for our players and investors. We have gained good revenue with a huge base of players since 2017 from all over the world. We will be the first and the best!

Q6. Can you talk about what the $KBOX token is? What are the utilities?

Don Zhu: We designed a lot of utilities for the native token $KBOX and it will bring high consumption as long as we have huge players, so it promises the future of $KBOX tokens.

$KBOX is the native token of The Killbox Game, the first FPS game on-chain with a play-to-earn system.

Q7. So how can people obtain $KBOX?

Don Zhu:

1. Join different competitions like E.C now to earn $KBOX rewards.

2. Also, NFT weapons of T1-T6 will generate $KBOX rewards for owners on a daily basis.

Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players, with a mining rate of around 70 $KBOX per hash rate on a daily basis. The total hash rate of the player will be calculated by adding up the hash rates of all his/her NFT Weapons.

Take the T4 NFT Weapon as an example.

There are several benefits and privileges for NFT Owners

NFT Privilege A. Participate in NFT Staking and win stable $KBOX income:

70 $KBOX will be assigned to each hash rates every day(Original hash rate of T4 RARE quality weapon is ranging from 10-80, that is, 700 $KBOX to 5,600 $KBOX every day) at Genesis Period at the total amount of 300 Million $KBOX.

After that, the NFT staking will enter the next period, 1.5 Billion $KBOX will be distributed to the NFT holders according to his hash rate portion among the whole platform, on a daily basis of 6.4 Million $KBOX. After that, the distribution of NFT staking will be halved each year, and distributed to the NFT holders according to his hash rate portion among the whole platform.

Upgrading the level of NFT weapons will increase the hash rate accordingly, bringing more stable income. The higher the hash rate, the higher the income.

More details of NFT weapon upgrade rules will be announced soon.

NFT weapons can be sold in the Marketplace at a good price.

NFT Privilege B. Use the $KBOX rewards to participate in $KBOX Staking and win lottery chances for key purchase privilege.

Min staking: 3,000 $KBOX

Max staking: 30,000 $KBOX

The more $KBOX you stake, the more lottery chances you’ll get.

Keys can be sold in the Marketplace and at a good price.

*If you win the purchase privilege, you can also use the $KBOX rewards to buy the keys.

The amount of keys for sale at each phase is limited.

Open the treasure chest (You will get a chance to obtain it from the combats, or directly bought from the Marketplace) using the key, and you will get a chance to obtain a high-quality NFT that far exceeds the price of the key and the chest.

NFT Privilege C. Equipped with NFT weapons of different qualities to win treasure chests:

Join the combat with the NFT weapons in the TKB game and you will get a chance to obtain treasure chests of the same quality or lower quality.

Treasure chests can be sold in the Marketplace at a good price.

NFT Privileged D. Rent your NFT weapons in the Marketplace and win a stable income, in this case, NFT Privilege C will be transferred to the new owner, and Privilege A/B/D will stay with the original owner.

NFT Privilege E. Join the exclusive competition for T4 RARE NFT weapon wonders and win $KBOX rewards:

Use NFT weapons to join the designated battle and get a chance to win $KBOX rewards.

Cryptodaily Admin:Wow a lot of information here and I love the designs of these NFT weapons. There are huge benefits coming with them too

Q8. How can we obtain NFT Weapons?

Don Zhu: let me show you

Inital NFT Offer – The Killbox Game

NFT Sale:

Time: 10AM UTC, Jan.20 – 10AM UTC, Jan.27

T1 NFT: 5,000 $KBOX ≈ $150 (2,000 pieces)

T4 NFT: 50,000 $KBOX ≈ $1,500 (500 pieces)

You can obtain them from

1. in-game campaigns in the event center.

2. Marketing campaigns in Discord/Telegram/Twitter

3. NFT Sale

4. Equip NFT weapons and join Combat

5. Marketplace from other NFT Owners

Q9. I see Beta Version of the Killbox has been listed on Google Play. Can you tell us how we can help as Beta testers? Is the test limited to a certain number of users or is it available to all? Can beta testers suggest additional features besides reporting bugs & providing feedback?

Don Zhu: Yes you can enjoy the TKV Blockchain game from GooglePlay now!

The internal testing phase has concluded successfully. Thanks to the testers, we have found solutions to many bugs from this intertal test.

We have checked the bug report as well as suggestions from our tester one by one. And we will announce tester winners for awesome rewards.

Q10. Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does The Killbox Game have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play The Killbox Game?

Don Zhu: Good News Come Again!

Staking $KBOX in Marketplace has been open now! Feel free to join! 2000+500 purchase opportunities are ready for all.

All you need to do is to download TKB Game, register and play.

It’s totally a free to play and play-to-earn game without any requirement! You can join the combat or participate in campaigns to win different rewards of NFT weapons or KBOX tokens. All items you win from the TKB Game are tradable in the Marketplace, from which you can earn stable income.

In addition, players will be able to earn KBOX tokens by owning NFT weapons of T1-T6. Higher level and quality of the NFT weapon will bring more hash rates to the players.

Get ready for NFT Sale at 10 AM UTC, Jan.20!

11. The Killbox has 2 different versions of the game; Aquarius – the blockchain version, and the traditional version which is available on Play Store. Can you tell us the main reason why it has 2 versions? However in the future, will you keep these two versions alive together?

Don Zhu: The Killbox Game: Aquarius is now the blockchain version, and you can already download it in Google Play:

And start the play-to-earn journey. We have prepared quadra campaigns for the blockchain version.

The traditional version was launched in 2017, and has gained massive income these years. The differences between the traditional game and the blockchain game: you can play to earn in the blockchain version and all assets are traceable on the network, which is safe and transparent to all, and there are more functions and features in the blockchain version cuz we are developing it day by day. The traditional version will not be wiped because we still have a large amount of old players, but we will try to attract them to the blockchain version and teach them how to earn in the crypto world step by step.

Q12. #Thekillboxgame is NFT gaming. Since the majority of NFTs end up with little or no value, it is difficult to survive liquidity because people do not regularly trade them in pairs, so it is difficult to liquidate NFTs.Can you tell me how planned to solve this big problem

Don Zhu: Our NFTs are not only an NFT image, but also will reflect an actual weapon in different qualities with a special skin as well as specific injury attributes in game. And we have designed several privileges for NFT owners here. You can refer to the previous answers for more details about those privileges.

Q13. The Killbox has been around since 2017 right? So why did you guys choose to integrate with blockchain and NFT technology? Why do you think it’s important to move that way?

Don Zhu: Yes, my friend. The Killbox Game was firstly launched in 2017. and it has gained massive revenue these years around the world.

We believe that if we bring this game into the crypto world, all our players will be enjoying play for fun as well as play to earn! That is one of the amazing parts.

And also, all NFT Weapons will not only be used in game, but also bring actual income to the owners and have specific privileges. The most important reason is that we see the future in blockchain GameFi, NFT and P2E fields! We are the first FPS game on chain, and we will be the best one!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with The Killbox Game 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Don Zhu: So glad to be here! Feel free to talk with us if you are curious and interested in the TKB Game.

Thank you so much for your help. I enjoyed this AMA a lot.

Cryptodaily Admin:  It was a pleasure having you here with us. Thank you so much for spending time with us, all very best for The KillBox Game

Don Zhu: see you my friend!

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