The Grand Banks: Founded by the Narwhalswap Team to Bring Yield Farming Back to the Basics

Automated LP yield farming protocols are quickly becoming a norm in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) economy. Narwhalswap recently launched The Grand Bank protocol with vaults and automated Yield Farming protocol that allows users to save on gas costs and farming efficiency.

What are The Grand Banks?

According to the official released Medium post, the Grand Banks will help users select a farming LP fund and simply invest in it. The product will also provide a portfolio tracker for users to help them keep track of their LPs.

The Grand Banks

The Grand Banks is the recently released product of the Narwhalswap protocol that brings yield farming back to the basics. No barrier of entry, no multiple steps to farming, just simply ride the waves toward your earnings.

Key Features

The key features of the Grand Banks include;

Ability to invest in farming LP funds with  NAR, BNB, BUSD, GRAND and even LP tokens.

Get back your funding currencies when you make a withdrawal either in NAR, BNB, BUSD, or GRAND or LP tokens.

Automatically reinvestment of the funds (compounding).

Ability to keep track of your portfolio .

Project Components

After connecting their wallet to the platform, users will be able to invest in any LP pools available featuring industry-standard APRs.

The Grand Banks LPs

The investment pools are currently depreciated as the platform is getting ready to be upgraded to the V2 version. Part of the features includes making investments and withdrawals in any of the four tokens/coins of BNB, BUSD, NAR, and GRAND. In addition to single tokens, v2 also provides the ability to deposit and withdraw LP tokens.

Additional stablecoin pools, $UNI, and $LINK pools have been added to the protocol pool and many more are on the way!

Automated Reinvestment (VAULT)

Vault service will help users to save funds on gas costs and yield farming efficiency by enabling automatic reinvestment.

$Grand Rewards for Investor 

Investors who invest in the Grand Bank will be able to mine the $GRAND token.

GRAND Rewards

Track your GRAND rewards on the top right corner of the portal in real-time, which are available to be claimed. You can track how your portfolio is fairing right on the portal.

Project Update

According to this [EMBED] Tweet from the Grand Banks handle, PancakeSwap GRAND LP will be migrated; when this is done, users will be able to migrate in one click.


No pre-farming, no presale. It was minted linearly, started from 17th April 2021.

Max supply: 30,000 $GRAND 

Mining Program: 26,400 $GRAND (88%)

Team: 3,600 $Grand (12%) 

6.5% Dev Team

2% Marketing and Partners

2% Core team

1% MoD

0.5% Airdrop

20% to NAR stakers 25% to NAR-BNB NLP holders

25% to NAR-BTC NLP holders

15% to GOLD-BNB holder

15% to NFT holders

Grand Token : 0xeE814F5B2bF700D2e843Dc56835D28d095161dd9

Grand Banks (Masterchef) : 0x3d8fd880976a3EA0f53cad02463867013D331107

Platform fees will be used for the “buyback and burn” program until ten months of mining is completed – after that 50% will be burned, and 50% will be distributed to the GRAND-BNB liquidity provider to stimulate the pool..

Vault Distribution

Controller Fee: 0.2% — 0.5% (0.6% on single token vaults)

Treasury: 0.5%

Vault Fee ($Grand Buyback & Burn): 1.5%

Entrance Fee: <0.1% on initial capital (One-off)

Withdrawal Fee: 0.0%

For WBNB-Grand LP vaults, there are no fees at all.

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