The Giving Block Attracts $1M in Crypto Donations Ahead of Nonprofit ‘Bag Season’ Campaign

‘Crypto Giving Tuesday’ Nov. 29 is the biggest day of the year for crypto fundraising.

The Giving Block Hosts Series of Charitable Campaigns to End 2022

The crypto donation platform, The Giving Block, has already met its initial $1 million fundraising goal for nonprofits, with its major end-of-year “Bag Season” campaign not set to start until Nov. 29.

The Giving Block also recently incorporated BNB Chain as a blockchain for donations, with BUSD reaching the top three among donated cryptos as of late, according to information shared with BSC News.

The “flash match” was announced on Oct. 31 and is the first of a series of three events where The Giving Block matches charitable donations out of a total pool of more than $3 million.

The Giving Block facilitates the acceptance of crypto donations by nonprofits and also provides a platform and resources for people to make crypto donations to nonprofits.

“With an astounding $1M in crypto donations matched already this month, we can’t wait to see how the crypto community shows its generosity in the weeks ahead,” according to the company’s recent The Crypto Philanthropy Newsletter.

The Bag Season campaign starts on Nov. 29, dubbed “Crypto Giving Tuesday,” and runs until the end of the year.

“Crypto Giving Tuesday is the year’s biggest one-day celebration for crypto fundraising and giving. This will be the biggest Crypto Giving Tuesday to date with over 2,000 nonprofit organizations participating — which is double the number of charities involved last year,” according to the newsletter.

What is the Giving Block:

Founded in 2018, The Giving Block, a Shift4 company, is turning Crypto Philanthropy into one of the greatest forces for good on the planet by making cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits while empowering donors to give Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their favorite causes. The Giving Block currently enables more than 1,000 mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to accept cryptocurrency donations and helps them maximize their fundraising outcomes with strategic consulting and personal support. 

Where to find The Giving Block:

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