The Donald Token – new DeFi project with unique features

Donald Finance is a decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain and the Pancake swap exchange, with additional features that allow you to earn and win tokens.


What they are attempting to do is build the DONALD, a permanent deflation token that allows for a constant price pump with a proper burn mechanism. They are not attempting to replace swap and share, but rather to bring value to the scheme and create a suitable and safe ecosystem for people to yield high APR farms.

The mission is to provide a one-stop shop for decentralized finance services. They are beginning with traditional yield farming functionalities and working on gamification. The plan also includes developing a superior yield farming optimizer and transitioning to their own liquidity provision protocol.

They are creating a starting supply of tokens for various purposes; the total number of tokens created will be 36,000 DONALD.

Token distribution: 50% of tokens will be allocated during the presale.

The first 40% will be used as starting capital.

8% will be allocated to marketing and production.

Airdrop will be used to distribute 2% of the total.

The presale is intended to provide people with the opportunity to purchase Donald tokens at the lowest possible price; funds generated will be used as starting liquidity. Tokens that have not been sold will be destroyed. In the most impressive way, $DONALD presale ended within only 2 minutes!


DONALD stands out from the sea of recent DeFi projects due to its distinct features.

– 3 reward tiers for angel investors (30%, 20%, 10%)

– High APY Farms (v2)

– Migration code removed

– Time lock on liquidity

– Passed TechRate audit + MythX + AnChain

– Every transaction with Donald have 2% fee and it will be burned


They are adding a new token as well as a special pool and farms for it, or version 2 pools. This function serves two purposes: it stabilizes the price of Donald and gives people the ability to earn more money in a novel and unique way.

There will be just one pool with Donald and farms Donald/BUSD and Donald/BNB. The key difference between simple pools and compound pools is the higher APY. When you stack your tokens or provide liquidity, new tokens – Barack tokens – are created. You will be required to use the slider before stacking tokens. Slider works with days of stacking; the more days you select, the more APY you will get, and the same is true for the amount of given liquidity; stack more and receive more new tokens.

The important thing to remember is that you can harvest your farmed tokens at any time and store them in your wallet. However, if you unstack your liquidity ahead of time (the time you selected in the slider), you will be charged 5% when you withdraw. There is no fee if you withdraw after the specified time period has expired.

When you invest in these pools, you will be charged a 5% commission. Funds from these fees will be used in the future to create liquidity for the new token after the version 2 pools round concludes. So, when farming is over, you can sell your farmed tokens.

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