The community-driven DeFi with LP function opens public sale

The KingDoge is set for the public sale date on 15th May. The token’s production team promises to fix problems DeFi is facing now. 


KingDoge is a cryptocurrency protocol that generates deflationary auto-liquidity and rewards users in a static manner. KingDoge rewards investors directly while increasing liquidity on a continuous basis. The token rewards investors simply for keeping it; the longer you keep it, the greater the reward!

The protocol automatically distributes incentives to holders as well as auto-burn liquidity on each transaction.

Problems & solutions

Automatic Liquidity Pools

One issue they’ve seen in many meme coins and related DeFi ventures is that big whales appear out of nowhere, fill their wallets with a massive amount of tokens, and trigger a massive price spike and price pump that everyone loves to see. And once the chart has a line that is more vertical than horizontal (goes up), a large number of people, including many inexperienced traders, begin investing as well. And once the bags are complete and the token has increased by 3-7x, these whales sell, causing the graph to fall, and the common trader loses. 

This is why they want to include the recently famous auto liquidity generation feature in our contract. This role not only solves the issue of high price variation, but it also secures KingDoge’s future.

Essentially, this feature deducts a certain percentage of tax from each transaction in order to produce liquidity that is locked within PancakeSwap liquidity pools. In this case, the percentage is 3%.

They’ve agreed to tax any transaction of the KingDoge token by 3% for Automatic LP generation on PancakeSwap’s pools that contain a BNB/KDOGE token pair.

This role has two benefits for holders:

The first is that adding a constant amount of liquidity to a pool guarantees its long-term viability since withdrawing tokens from the pool does not result in a major price shift. In all other tokens that do not use this function, price variation from holders selling too much is unavoidable.

Second, when a certain amount of tax is deducted from each transaction, hodlers are less likely to pass or sell because the tax reduces their earnings. This method messes with the seller’s mind, ensuring KingDoge’s worth.

Static Reward 

New and innovative-looking finance protocols are emerging these days, with a slew of use cases that are picking the attention of investors.

While these ideals are usually excellent, there is one disadvantage: impermanent failure. If you are farming/staking and the underlying token’s value changes dramatically, even if you continue to receive incentives, the value will be much less than if you merely kept your tokens.

The implementation of Static Rewards is one solution to this dilemma.

Static Rewards cover a variety of concerns. To begin, the size of the reward is determined by the amount of the token exchanged.

Second, through this process, each holder receives a portion of the proceeds from each dump. Third, this scheme encourages holders to retain their tokens in order to gain a higher value when they sell them as the value of their tokens increases.

Thus, a 3% tax is cut on each transaction, and the proceeds are automatically distributed to all holders in proportion to their holding amount, all without farming or staking!

The amount of tokens in your wallet will continue to expand forever as people make transactions. Impermetant Loss is totally avoided in this way, and you are effectively paid for simply holding KingDoge.


The $KDOGE creation and marketing teams are currently focusing on the most important activities needed for hyper-growth. The following is a high-level roadmap that could change as new directions are proposed by the community.

Q2 2021:

– Whitepaper

– Website Launch

– Social Accounts

– Token Audit

Q3 2021:

– Token sale

– PancakeSwap Listing

– Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing

– Ambassadors Application

Q4 2021: 

– Huge Marketing Push

– Community Growth

– Ambassadors Announcement

– More Exchange Listing 

Q1 2022:

– The KingDoge Swap

– Lottery & Swap Contracts Audit

– The KingDoge Swap Public

– The KingDoge Lottery Testnet

Q2 2022: 

– New Partnerships

– The KingDoge Mobile Application

– The KingDoge Mobile & Web Wallet

Q3 2022: 

– The KingDoge NFT Marketplace

– Reward Program for NFT Marketplace

Lottery – KingDoge’s Trump Card 

The introduction of KingDoge’s Trump Card is a significant feature that will not only be an interesting feature that will trigger an inflow of buyers, but will also control the supply of KingDoge.

The price of each ticket will be determined at the time of sale. Each ticket purchase would necessitate a separate transaction. Buying two tickets, for example, would necessitate two transactions. The same rules apply when it comes to claiming prizes.

Users will be able to purchase a total of 20 lottery tickets per wallet. To purchase a ticket, each user will pay a set number of tokens. Paying for one ticket will provide users with a random four-digit combination in the form of an NFT with this four-digit number. The lottery will be held every day, will begin at a predetermined time, and will end at a predetermined time.

To win the lottery jackpot, users must match the four numbers on their ticket in the exact same order as the four winning numbers (50 percent of the total lottery pool). You should not be concerned if you do not match all four numbers. If you match two or more numbers in the correct order, you will receive a bonus.

Burning Mechanism

Burning is a deflationary method of controlling supply that works by eliminating tokens from circulation on a regular basis. The burning of $KDOGE is merely a manual process that will be used to ensure that the value of $KDOGE remains constant or rises in order to provide additional rewards to traders and holders.

The developers of KingDoge will conduct manual burns based on regular trading volume. We will distribute a detailed burn map, based on which manual burns will be carried out. Significant events will be included in the burn map focused on the achievement of major milestones. Any burn transaction will be recorded on the official telegram channel for the benefit of the group and investors.


Detail tokenomics information of KingDoge: 

– Token name: KingDoge

– Ticker: KDOGE

– Standard: BEP-20

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion)

– Decimals: 9

– Chain: Binance Smart Chain

– Class: Utility/ Governance

– Supply Model: Deflationary

Token sale: 

– Hard cap: 1500 BNB

– Soft cap: 750 BNB

– Personal Max: 20 BNB

– Personal Min: 0.1 BNB

Source : bscdaily

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