The Bull Society to Bring Passive Income With Hypermine

The Bull Society has partnered with Hypermine to bring passive income to Bull Society marketplace users through $HMINE draws.

Passive Income With $HMINE Draws

The Bull Society NFT aims to bring passive income for users of The Bull Society marketplace with Hypermine through daily draws of $HMINE.

“Daily HMINE drawings haven’t started yet, but will soon. We’re working on a way to “raffle” HMINE to users who use our marketplace,” TheOxBSC, founder of The Bull Society, told BSC News.

As a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol on the BNB Chain, Hypermine aims to generate high returns for its token holders through a basket of diversified crypto assets. Users of The Bull Society’s marketplace will have the opportunity to participate in $HMINE (Hypermine’s native token) drawings soon, allowing them to earn passive income using the Hypermine protocol.


Through newly designed mechanisms that have yet to be fully deployed, holders of $HMINE tokens can earn passive income by staking them for a share of Hypermine’s Treasury Bankroll return. Further Hypermine plans to offer to $HMINE holders the ability to exchange the tokens for $DAI at 60% of the current exchange rate through a swap pool that has yet to be launched.

Hypermine currently hosts daily drawings of The Bull Society NTFs. The protocol offers multiple ways to win the NFT, but the most common method is choosing the highest depositor on a given day. The Bull Society aims to partner with more DeFi protocols to deliver more value to BNB Chain NFT holders, as the The0xBSC stated:

“The Bull Society is always looking for ways to collaborate with DeFi projects to bring more users to BNB Chain NFTs. BNB Chain is one of the most active blockchains, but the NFT volume is rather small compared to the volume traded with “shitcoins.” It’s a matter of time before more users start jumping into BNB Chain NFTs.”

BSC News will keep a close watch on the developments of The Bull Society NFTs.


What is The Bull Society:

The Bull Society is a collection of 7,777 hand-drawn bulls on BNB Chain. Every Bull has unique DNA, which means there will never be one identical to yours.

Seven distinct traits go into each generation, including Background Color, Base Color, Mouth, Eyes, Clothing, Hats, and props. Each Bull NFT is stored as an ERC721 token on BNB Chain and hosted on IPFS.

Where to find The Bull Society

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