The Bull Society Gets Ready for Binance NFT Listing

Listing to Binance NFT is a major coup for any project, and the Bull Society is ready to seize the moment and reward users.

Bull Society Lists on Binance NFT

The Bull Society NFT project has been listed on the Binance NFT marketplace, with both the Bulls NFT and Little Bulls NFTs now available for buying, selling, and depositing. The Bulls Society is also one of the first members of the BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance (BNGA) to appear on the premier marketplace of BNB Chain.

Before an official announcement from the Binance NFT Marketplace on April 8, users began to see the NFTs they own appear in their wallets on Binance NFT the days prior. The Bull’s team members confirmed that the listing was in the process for a few weeks, however, the appearance of the Bulls was a pleasant surprise for users who already own the NFTs. 

“It’s very exciting–– in fact, it is crazy to be listed. We’re one of the first from the BNGA to be listed on Binance NFT and one of the first in the PFP BNB Community,” the OX, owner and founder of Bull Society, told BSC News. “It took weeks for us to get the smart contracts approved and go through the red tape, and the listing is a huge boost from Binance.”


The team at Bull Society is not taking the listing lightly and sees this as both validation and prospects for increased exposure. The team has stayed true to its ethos, and it is paying dividends. The latest posting is just another sign that the NFT market on BNB Chain is heating up.

“This should be the main stage of BNB Chain. To be directly listed and respected by Binance is a big deal for us. It is a very exciting time for the community, and there’s no better time than now to get involved,” admitted DeHuffski, Lead Community Manager of the Bull Society.

The Bulls are available for purchase with BNB, BUSD, and Ethereum on the marketplace. The floor price for a Bull currently sits at $85.14 USD, while the Lil Bulls are just behind at $78.98 USD. Total volume traded is expectedly low in the first days of trading, but since the Bulls have been a top project on marketplaces like NFTKey for some time, all signs point to activity picking up with the new listing. 

“Now is the perfect time for new holders to get in. The community around Bull Society is really growing. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and developments coming down the line too,” Dehuffski added. 

With a launchpad, V3 marketplace, cheaper reward claims, and more on the way soon, new users who buy a Bull––or Lil’ Bull––are in a good position to ride the wave of excitement. The Bull Society also recently dropped a line of merchandise that has become hot commodities amongst BNB Chain NFT enthusiasts. 

What is The Bull Society:

The Bull Society is a collection of 7,777 unique hand-drawn bulls residing on the Binance Smart Chain. Every Bull has its own unique DNA, which means there will never be one identical to yours!

Seven distinct traits go into each generation, including Background Color, Base Color, Mouth, Eyes, Clothing, Hats, and Prop. Each Bull NFT is stored as an ERC721 token on the Binance Smart Chain and hosted on IPFS, ensuring it will never leave the internet. The Bull Society is led by a decentralized team that loves the BNB Chain ecosystem. They bring good vibes, transparency, community growth & art through the blockchain. 

Where to find The Bull Society

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