The Bull Society Begins First Launchpad Project: Airheadz

The collection will be closely watched by other prospective projects looking to learn about the positive impact The Bull Society could have on their own plans. 

First NFT Launch Underway

Users can now mint their own Airheadz NFTs on The Bull Society’s Launchpad at a price of 0.08BNB. 

In just under 24 hours, users have already minted 1667 NFTs out of the 4750 sanctioned to mint. The move represents a landmark moment for The Bull Society, which is looking to have an important impact on the BNB Chain with its offering. With the recent rise in interest in NFTs on BNB Chain, the first launch comes at an important moment. BSC News caught up with the team at The Bull Society to learn more about their involvement in the latest collection to mint. 

“Our team has helped with the development of their project,” the team explained, outlining some of these efforts, “Smart Contract, Image& Metadata Generation & Their website development.”


Their involvement will be particularly important to prospective collections looking to receive the kind of effective backing that can aid their project in gaining significant interest. 

“Every project that launches on our launchpad will have to give back a minimum of 5% to our community — this is one way we can keep rewarding the holders of our project & continue to grow our ecosystem. Our main goal is to help people Launch on BNB Chain instead of other going to networks,” The Bull Society clarified.

The Mint Roadmap

Airheadz has set down its initial roadmap, crammed with giveaways and communal efforts to bring together an already burgeoning community on BNB Chain. As we move toward the second checkpoint of their initial roadmap, which is outlined below, users can look at what they have to look forward to if they decide to commit their beans to the cause.

15% Minted: Daily BNB & BNB Chain NFT giveaways throughout minting to drive community engagement. Random giveaways to active members on social media, spreading awareness about the project. 

50% Minted: Launch a community wallet. Each Airheadz holder will get a governance vote (using on where to allocate those funds and future development. (Sweeping Other NFT Collection Floors, Distribute To Holders, Fund Liquidity Staking Pool, Etc). Further, there will be a Pancake Squad Giveaway. 

75% Minted: Starting development on several decentralized activities for the community to interact & generate revenue to fund the community wallet and progress growing the community. Collaborations with other projects. Holder exclusive merch store & focusing on growing an amazing community. 

100% Minted: Releasing a post-mint roadmap & focus on growing the BNB Chain NFT community and utilizing community ideas to grow their project engagement further. Additionally, there will be a Pancake Squad Giveaway.

BSC News will be following the latest NFT collection to hit BNB Chain and tracking their progress and impact in following the mint.

What is The Bull Society:

The Bull Society is a collection of 7,777 unique hand-drawn bulls residing on the Binance Smart Chain. Every Bull has its own unique DNA, which means there will never be one identical to yours.

Seven distinct traits go into each generation, including Background Color, Base Color, Mouth, Eyes, Clothing, Hats, and props. Each Bull NFT is stored as an ERC721 token on the Binance Smart Chain and hosted on IPFS, ensuring it will never leave the internet. The Bull Society is led by a decentralized team that loves the BNB Chain ecosystem. They bring good vibes, transparency, community growth & art through the blockchain. 

Where to find The Bull Society

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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