The Bull Society Announces NFT Merch

The Bulls Society is dropping some fire gear for their users to show their love and strut their stuff in real life.

Exclusive Merch Reveal of The Bull Society

The Bull Society NFT project on BNB Chain has teased a collection of merchandise that includes hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers. The Bull Society officially teased the merch drop on their Twitter, but the BSC News team received an exclusive reveal to the content and payment methods. 

First, major credit cards, debit cards & Paypal will be integrated using TeeSpring, a popular payment method for many major content creators and social media influencers, and CoinPayments. The anonymity of all buyers was a primary concern for the Bull Society as they sought to preserve the crypto ethos. TeeSpring’s website suggests it will deliver to anywhere in the world and has lower shipping rates the more you buy.

“Our team has no control over the shipping time, cost & or order details,” the Ox told BSC News.

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The Bull Society becomes one of the first successful NFT projects on BNB Chain to provide top-of-the-line merch. And it wouldn’t follow a crypto ethos—or a bullish one—if the merch didn’t find a way to  bring funds back to the ecosystem.

“The profit margins are not insane with the prices we’re offering the merch at & while using a POD service which handles all the printing and fulfillment of the package,” the Ox disclosed to BSC News. “We’re also unsure of the demand of merch, but if we end up generating a good amount of income, we will introduce putting a portion of the funds back into the Treasury Wallet.”

Source: Exclusive reveal of stickers and hoodie.

The Bull Society teased to BSC News that Bulls’ NFT holders can maybe see the merch website drop on Friday, March 4. Rumor has it that Dehuffski, the Bull Society Community Manager, will also have his own merchandise available shortly before. The team is filling out their whole collection and hopes to create a sense of rarity to the merch.

“A few of the merch concepts you see in the little bulls collection will be available for purchase,” the Ox added. “Also, most drops will be limited, and new things will replace as far as the designs.”

Source: Exclusive reveal of hoodies.

The Bull Society merch website keeps the Bulls theme alive, and the gear doesn’t miss a beat. The t-shirts maintain the style and cool moxie associated with the project. The website shows tabs with the potential for facemasks and pillows as well. 

Source: Exclusive reveal of t-shirts.

Pay attention to the Bull Society social media pages to get the info on when the merch website will drop. It should be coming any day now!

What is The Bull Society?

The Bull Society is a collection of 7,777 unique hand-drawn bulls residing on the Binance Smart Chain. Every Bull has its own unique DNA, which means there will never be one identical to yours!

Seven distinct traits go into each generation, including Background Color, Base Color, Mouth, Eyes, Clothing, Hats, and Prop. Each Bull NFT is stored as an ERC721 token on the Binance Smart Chain and hosted on IPFS, ensuring it will never leave the internet. The Bull Society is led by a decentralized team that loves the BNB Chain ecosystem. They bring good vibes, transparency, community growth & art through the blockchain. 

Where to find The Bull Society

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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