The BSC News Birthday Bash to See History of Company Explored

The BSC News Co-founders will all be together to commemorate the first anniversary and revel over the memories of the past year.

Happy Birthday, BSC News

Today was a special day. We celebrated the one-year anniversary of BSC News. Albeit the official birthday of the idea for BSC News can officially be traced back to messages being thrown around Halloween week of 2020. 

To celebrate the event, we hosted a BSC News Birthday Celebration that was live-streamed Tuesday, November 30th at 4 PM UTC on the DeFi Direct Discord and YouTube channels.

The surge of popularity of Binance Smart Chain created a news void that the founders and subsequent team of BSC News sought to fill. We heard all about the origins of the news and media organization as well as from special guests from major protocols on Binance Smart Chain who have seen us grow from the beginning.

Attendees That Featured:

Kamran Iqbal – COO & Co-Founder of BSC News

Ben Antes – CFO & Co-Founder of BSC News

Greg Gostis – Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of BSC News

Julian or Simran (TBD) from BSC Community

Tyler Zhou – Head of Growth & Partnerships at SafePal

Tommy Su – Director of Operations at NFTb


Throughout the event, the BSC News Co-Founders were interviewed by their fellow panelists and representatives of the BSC protocols. The idea of the event was for BSC News members to reverse the roles and be on the receiving end of some questions about the company for the community.

The event was broken down into four separate events:

Future of DeFi, BSC and a Multichain future —Security

Importance of Journalism in Crypto and DeFi 

Past, Present, Future of BSCNews —Founder Backgrounds

Building a team in crypto

The team at BSC News was extremely excited to showcase our team to our community after a year of so much development. There was also a gleam giveaway of three BSC News-themed Safepal Wallets. These wallets are hard to come by and were a token of our appreciation to the users who came out. 

Happy Birthday, BSC News! Onward to DeFi Direct and Beyond! Remember, if you’d like to catch up on the event you can do here on the DeFi Direct Discord and YouTube channels!

Head over to download the BSC News mobile application on iOS and Android to keep up with all the latest news for Binance Smart Chain and crypto! Be sure to join the DeFi Direct Discord to participate in all the community discussions and events!

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