The BNGA Hosts BNB Chain for Livestream on Ecosystem Growth

The BNGA gave a fine display showing how they–and other projects–can be built for the betterment of the whole ecosystem.

BNGA Becomes Leader on BNB Chain

In a testament to how far the group has risen, two members of the BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance (BNGA), KC and DeHuffski, hosted Alvin Kan, Director of Data & Research for BNB Chain, for a conversation on growth with the BNB Chain.

Transmitted live across multiple platforms, the talk began at 14:00 UTC and brought in close to 23,000 viewers across Twitter, Twitch, and Binance Live. No strangers to hosting smaller sessions on Twitter Spaces, the talk felt like graduation to the big boys for both KC and Dehuffski. The two carried Kan through a rousing line of questioning that touched on NFTs, community building with BNGA, the recent BNB Chain name change, among other topics. 

“[The BNGA] is a subset of passionate individuals from the BNB Chain community that are coming together to dominate their time and resources to the space,” KC explained. “What do I mean by that? Just to look at what it took to create this livestream: we had people doing graphic design work, we had people set-up websites and microsites, someone built a whole Discord server.”

As KC explains, the BNGA is not out here to take the shine away from any projects or assert itself ahead of BNB Chain itself. The Alliance is designed to boost projects and flex the collective resources of the BNB Chain community in a more coordinated fashion. This work can be molded and adapted to fit all different services and

The BNB Chain is in a strong place. As the chain with far and away the most transactions and holders, the role of events and alliances cannot be underestimated. Paraphrasing the words of the infamous Sam Bankman-Fried from FTX, the future of crypto is likely centralized islands surrounded by oceans of decentralization. The BNGA is certainly staking its claim as one of these islands on BNB Chain.

Be sure to check out the whole chat for all the great info. 

What is BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance?

The BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance consists of 20+ BNB Chain NFT projects working together to grow the BNB Chain NFT space. The group’s vision is to provide a BNB Chain Alliance that rivals other top blockchains and is focused on bringing NFTs and other projects to consumers in the industry. 

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