The Birth of Gaming and Gambling on BSC

Binance Smart Chain is in the process of establishing itself as a solid platform for “fair” casino gaming, as more and more projects are launching projects that make use of the lower fees and faster transactions, along with the transparent and immutable blockchain technology that can ensure the games aren’t rigged. Because transactions only take a few seconds or so, Binance Smart Chain is able to enable blockchain gaming without big interruptions or failed transactions, like on Ethereum.

The past few weeks we have seen some rather interesting new projects launch on BSC with dedicated apps catering to both gambling and yield farming users. Besides the obvious plus of being able to play natively with cryptocurrencies like $BNB or $BUSD instead of FIAT, they bring further advancements and integration with the whole BSC ecosystem. These apps blend DeFi and gambling, and enable users to stake the app’s native currency in order to generate yields. Intriguingly, these yields can then be used to place bets, even earn a share of house profits or even to possibly boost winnings or to offset losses.

Something no traditional casino would ever offer.

BitFreshBLINK and Bingo Cash are a few examples that offer a variety of games such as slots, roulettes, dice and others, to cater to most players. It’s interesting to note as well that unlike traditional gambling, transactions can in most cases be verified on the blockchain bringing another layer of confidence to users.

We will surely see more and more teams coming up with similar projects in the future that include even more innovations like unlocking NFTs etc. This is just one more example of how the Binance Smart Chain can harness the power of the blockchain to bring the whole ecosystem forward and drive it towards mass adoption.


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