The All-in-One BSC Solution on BSC?


Each year in the cryptocurrency world seems to have its own theme, and 2021 looks to be the year of the Non-Fungible Token or NFT. Projects involved with NFT’s are appearing every week on Binance Smart Chain right now, taking advantage of the massive BSC user growth and the lower transaction fees when compared to Ethereum.

Enter Refinable (FINE), a project which is an all-in-one package much like Rarible, which offers users the ability both to invest in and create NFT’s. Invested by the likes of Binance and Youtuber extraordinaire MrBeast, Refinable presents itself as a hub for all things NFT, blending art creations and strong tokenomics effortlessly.

Aside from enabling the creation of NFT’s, Refinable is also an NFT exchange, where users can trade, share, auction, or even gift NFT through customizable landing pages.

As for FINE tokenomics, holders of the governance tokens will be able to vote on community decisions, and the tokens will also be used to settle and fund transactions, receive discounted platform commissions, boost listings for increased exposure or even enable access to exclusive sales. Another home run for Binance Smart Chain and lovers of all things NFT.

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