The Aircoins Application will finally support manual withdrawals

The Aircoins App has been on the market for several years now and is supporting hundreds of cryptocurrencies, collectibles, and other fun aspects that introduce virtual reality and augmented reality to its userbase on a whole new level. The Aircoins App allows people to exercise more effectively while collecting digital coins that they can then withdraw to exchange for other valuable assets.

Since the introduction of NFT Collectibles on the Aircoins App, a whole new direction has been outlined and it is bringing a whole new perspective to the possibility of in-game experience. Users are now not only scouting for coins but also for collectibles or tools that they may need to evolve further into the worlds of Aircoins. We have spoken with some of the team members around the Aircoins app and they were able to tell us that the next-gen of Blockchain and Augmented Reality interaction is just about to begin. The gaming industry has shown drastic growth over the past few years and with the new cross-compatible technology solutions that are available on the market the impossible has become possible. Content can now be brought into or taken out to different kind of places.

With that in mind Aircoins is coming with two major updates on top of their existing roadmap schedule that will allow its userbase to enjoy a whole new experience within the Aircoin App.

Manual withdrawal request system within the Aircoins App

Aircoins is finally introducing a way to request for a cryptocurrency payout within the app itself. Until now several methods where used that allowed its users to request a payout of their collected coins within the Aircoins app.

Aircoins Withdrawal feature

Withdrawing coins from Aircoins was never as easy as that it will be moving forward. Simply enter your wallet address, the number of coins that you want to withdraw and the pin that the Aircoins app will send to your email in order to approve the withdrawal request.

Withdrawing coins may go via different withdrawal protocols and therefore may take longer or might require additional verification processes on either the end of the app users or the app creators. Withdrawing funds from the Aircoins app should be a smooth experience that is easily executable for everyone.

More information about the withdrawal procedure of the Aircoins app will soon be available. Once the creators of Aircoins have more information available we will make sure to inform everyone about it on the BSCN platform as well.

Create your Airx Character

One of the new directions of the Aircoins app is that you will soon have your own AirX character that allows you to grow your cryptocurrency and blockchain empire even further. Together with the Aircoins app, you will be able to battle and conquer and eventually taking ownership of digital land. The ideas behind the Aircoins app have always been great but the development behind it is really starting to kick off in the right direction.

With the new functionalities in combination with the launch on the Binance Chain, we believe that both the Aircoins app as the AIRX currency will go places. So therefore make sure that you go places and don’t forget to download and install the Aircoins App while you at it!

The project that has conquered the map unnoticed

The organisation behind Aircoins is transparent, ethical and humble. The people treat each other with respect and there is room for collaboration between different cryptocurrency projects. The founder Emal Safi who is known for its sympathy and consideration towards its audience and crypto partners has conquered the crypto space slowly but steadily. Cryptocurrencies are a wild guess but we believe that Aircoins will not go unnoticed in the mainstream markets in the future.

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