Thailand Plans “Cryptourism” x TAT Utility Coin

Thailand’s “Cryptourism” Boost via TAT Coin

Thailand intends to bank on reaping the advantages of the flourishing cryptocurrency market, plus their huge crypto user-base. The acclaimed tourist spot is planning to develop “Cryptourism” ambiance. The aim is to recover its covid-hit travel industry at the earliest. To do this, the Tourism Board of Thailand (TBT) is planning to introduce a new TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) utility token. The said “TAT Coin” will be offering services of bitcoin card payments to tourists.

Why the New TAT Utility Token ?

The TBT is moving forward with pitching the concept of introducing a TAT Coin to spur demand in the crypto industry. Per the Bangkok Post, the TBT is gauging the development of the “relevant regulations and viability before getting started.” TAT governor Yuthasak Supasoon states the TAT is discussing the proposed TAT Coin launch with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Thailand. The TAT Coin is said to transfer vouchers into digital tokens, helping operators avail higher liquidity.

TAT Coin’s Long-Term Vision

The long-term plan of the TAT for its proposed Coin is developing Thailand’s business and leisure tourism platforms. Partnering with a local cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub, TAT would feature the TAT Coin or other cryptocurrencies (NFTs, etc.) to spur crypto market demand. The TAT is bracing to commence developing the said “cryptourism atmosphere” via offering a bitcoin debit card at airports. This card the workcation’ing crypto nomads can use without paying an extra fee at the ATM or money exchanges. Notably, in August, the Bank of Thailand announced testing their own digital currency as a payment mode for tourists.

Source : bsctimes

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