Tesla, Elon and Fudtweet the bird diminishing Bitcoin

Twitter has always been the platform of crypto reaching barrier after barrier when it comes to upscaling its audience. However, two particular crypto fanatics joined that community. Are by now very well known all around the world. Elon Musk and his little bird “Fudtweet”.

At first, this was helping to significantly increase the adoption rate and price of nearly all cryptocurrencies with a decent reputation. The number of people that embraced Elon and Fudtweet the bird is just astonishing. Both experienced and new cryptocurrency traders have been shocked about the number of obvious tweets posted by Elon.

But having said that, the biggest shock to most of the people that have been around in the cryptocurrency world for the past few years must be the response, changes and volatility that are currently creating newer and bigger bubbles than ever before.

Bubbles that may continue to grow for a very long time if the market is allowing this, let me rephrase that. If the market makers see an advantage to do so. While the world is focussing on the tweets of Elon Musk and whatever he is saying we should not forget that as favourable Elon Musk might be by a broad audience his influence and power is not and cannot be caused simply by himself.

Let’s not forget, that there are many other big players involved in the cryptocurrency market. Big players that have nothing to do with Elon Musk and may not even like the carousel that has arisen around the electric space scientist and his bird Fudtweet.

One of the biggest (expectable) surprises must have been the fact that Musk has been spitting on Bitcoin. The funniest aspect must be that the guy who is all-in on renewable energy and the future of multi-planetary species has now said that Bitcoin is a problem to the environment. This is again a very strong indication that we are looking at a puppet show. Elon pushes the button but Fudtweet the bird is spreading the message.

We have not seen the last of it yet but shortly after massive dumps that occurred quite quickly after the strikes from Fudtweet the Bird another set of tweets were releasing again hinting and indicating towards a strong, bright and solid future for Doge with potential stable coin aspects meaning that any dogecoin would always value $1 regardless of what the market is doing.

All we have to do now is wait on the tweet where Elon and Fudtweet the bird will tell us that Dogecoin, unfortunately, was less practical and suitable as a stable coin currency because now due to the massive amount of people switching from BTC to DOGE caused such a disastrous peak to the mining industry that now dogecoin is no longer suitable as a global payment solution.

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