Ternoa Incentivises Liquidity On PancakeSwap Offering NFTs and 3,000 CAPS Tokens Daily

Users stand a chance to obtain mouth-watering rewards by completing a few steps.

Ternoa Gives Out Rewards On PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool 

Ternoa has launched a reward program on its PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP). The WBNB/CAPS liquidity pool will now give eligible users tremendous rewards via Ternoa incentives.

However, the rewards will last for a limited time for users who add at least 20,000 $CAPS tokens to the LP. The Non-fungible Token (NFT) and decentralized data transmission blockchain announced the exciting rewards program on 16th August via Twitter

“Ready, set, GO!  Limited time rewards program for WBNB/CAPS LP on @PancakeSwap is LIVE.  ow.ly/Bs6s50FQhbg APR up to 4,000%, add 20K+ CAPS liquidity to be eligible for our NFT & 3K CAPS airdrop #giveaway!” the NFT-based blockchain confirmed the rewards program on Twitter. 

The reward program started on Monday, 16th August, and will run for a limited time, according to Ternoa’s blog post. Now, Ternoa will offer users up to 4000% Annual Percent Rate (APR), including NFT and CAPS rewards, on its WBNB/CAPS LP live on PancakeSwap


Most importantly, the APR can fluctuate with time and the limited time denotes that only a few lucky participants stand a chance to win. At the time of writing, the CAPS token was trading at $0.07621, according to CoinMarketCap.

How to Participate? 

Participation is easy. Any user can become eligible to win rewards by completing the following steps: 

First, provide liquidity on PancakeSwap’s WBNB/CAPS liquidity pool page. 

Select the amount of WBNB and CAPS you would like to add to the PancakeSwap LP and click on the Add Liquidity button. 

Users who add at least 20K CAPS to the pool and fill out Ternoa’s NFT airdrop form are eligible to claim rewards. 

The Terra team will record your liquidity addition after successfully filling out the Google Form to enter the random selection pool to win rewards. 

Ternoa will select one winner randomly every day over one month. All winners will be chosen randomly. 

The winners will be selected from the Google Form submissions. CAPS will be sent automatically to the wallets of randomly selected winners, while NFT rewards will be sent to winners’ Ternoa wallets. 

Ternoa took to its Blog page on 16th August to urge users to participate and win rewards: 

“This is a limited time rewards program, only a few lucky participants will be able to win, so start taking your chances now!” 

There you have it! The reward program has commenced. Everyone has a fair chance of obtaining Ternoa’s NFTs and its native CAPS token by adding at least 20K liquidity to its PancakeSwap LP and filling out the Google Form. The Ternoa chain intends to increase adoption in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market with these incentives. 

What is Ternoa? 

Ternoa is the first blockchain dedicated to data encryption and transmission using NFT time capsules. Its native $CAPS is listed on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Gate, and AscendEX. For more details, read Ternoa’s whitepaper. 

Where to find Ternoa:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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