Ternoa Ecosystem Mainnet Coming Right Around the Corner

The ecosystem has seen rapid growth by empowering real-world use cases through its NFT augmentation and encryption technology.

The Mainnet is Coming

Ternoa, the blockchain of augmented NFTs, is about to release the Mainnet, opening up the Ternoa universe to the public.

According to the roadmap, the Mainnet will be live in the first quarter of this year, after the successful Testnet launch in October 2021.

“More than 230k NFTs minted on Ternoa Testnet! Mainnet is coming soon… Be ready,” hinted Canu Mickaël, the CEO of Ternoa, on Twitter.


In January, the platform introduced a Launchpad, allowing $CAPS holders to fund the development of new Dapps in the Ternoa Blockchain through an innovative hold-to-earn system with more than $9 million in total value held. The Ternoa Ecosystem already has nine projects under development, including SecretNFT MarketplaceTime Capsule DAppMetafight, and Playaverse

The Blockchain of Augmented NFTs

Ternoa is powered by Polkadot and brings secret and secured NFTs for entertainment and data management. 

The platform uses NFTs as decentralized time capsules to encrypt, store, and transfer data securely and over a long time while the owners fully control the data access. This means that users can create a capsule, store their memories in it, and pass them down from generation to generation.


It uses five distinct protocols to trigger the transmission of digital assets across time:

Safe Protocol: It allows storing data in a decentralized manner and consulting and retrieving it at any time.

Big Day Protocol: Sends a capsule to chosen recipients by programming a specific date.

Countdown Protocol: Sets a countdown, and if the capsule is not opened within the allotted time, it is automatically transferred to chosen recipients.

Consent Protocol: It allows trusted ones to request access to the capsule at any time. If there is no response within a chosen time frame, they are granted access.

Death Protocol: Creates a capsule that can only be opened after the creator has passed away.

Where to find Ternoa:‍

Website | Twitter | Wallet | Discord | Whitepaper |

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