TenFinance Readies Lend Feature

TENLend celebrates its upcoming algorithmic lending pools with a $LEND airdrop.

Lending & Borrowing: Simplified & Optimized

TEN Finance, the yield aggregator and optimizer built on BNB Chain, is launching its lending feature.

The team hinted on March 4  via Twitter that TENLend, the new extension of the TEN Finance Ecosystem, is coming very soon. The lending protocol will link asset suppliers and borrowers, establishing a floating interest rate based on the supply and demand of the assets. It also claims to be the first lending platform to share its fees with users on the network. 

TEN Finance is also organizing an airdrop for $TENFI holders to promote the upcoming launch. According to their Medium announcement blog:

“So, you’ve been a TENizen for the better part of the last year (we are grateful to you) and still have some TENFI? Congrats! You’re about to get airdropped some $LEND tokens once we launch! Don’t have $TENFI yet? There is still time before the deadline to register for the LENDrop! There will be a deadline for new and old TENizens who have enough $TENFI to register for the $LEND Airdrop, as we call, the LENDrop!”


To participate in the drop, users will need to stake at least 10,000 $TENFI to receive 20,000 $LEND tokens. 

The platform isn´t planning on slowing down and has a hectic year ahead. According to the roadmap, after releasing LEND, the team will work on:

TENSwap, a multi-chain DEX Aggregator

TENDAO, a DAO for users to have a say in all ecosystem decisions

TENLaunch, an incubator for new projects

 YIELDEX 2.0, an update to their novel DeFi diversification feature.

The ecosystem is also soon expanding to AvalancheFantom, and Polygon.

Find more about TenFinance here:

Website | Twitter | Airdrop details | Telegram | Docs |

Source : bsc.news

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