TEN Finance Launches YIELDEX, New Indexed Yields for Investors

A revolutionary new index process is coming to DeFi thanks to the innovative minds at TEN Finance.

Indexed Yields on the Way

TEN Finance has announced a launch date for their new indexed yield farms, dubbed YIELDEX. 

The new YIELDEX––set to launch October 10th––is a revolutionary initiative that looks to be a solution for a common headache for decentralized finance (DeFi) investors. Cryptocurrency and DeFi investors are constantly on the prowl to find ways to mitigate risks and the chances of impermeant loss associated with yield farming and liquidity pools (LPs). YIELDEX, per the Medium blog post on September 27th, will allow investors to easily put their money in multiple LPs to reduce these risks. 

“With YIELDEX you can just deposit into many LP’s, distinguished by different risk/types of tokens/coins and all you need is some BUSD or BNB in your wallet, and to exit the YIELDEX is the same way, you can just withdraw your BUSD equivalent of your LP’s that were auto-compounding + TENFI rewards, it truly does not get any simpler than that in making things so easy.” Mr. TEN of TenFinance told BSC News.

YIELDEX will also effectively look to solve the tedious process of manually investing in and out of pools, which takes considerable time and effort. 


A growing trend in DeFi is the indexing and organization of different tokens and coins into common funds and indexes. YIELDEX will be the first index in all of DeFi to allow for such simple access to liquidity pools. Yield farms themselves have not changed too much since DeFi began either. Slowly, innovations have started to take hold in the industry. 

“I think the YIELDEX allows for the simplicity of the process of yield farming. This comes from my personal experience when I started yield farming on Sushiswap and Uniswap over a year ago and I hated it! And quite frankly, with the exception of our own TENZap and others alike, the yield farming process has not changed much!” continued Mr. TEN.

Diversification is King

Diversification is an essential tool for any investor to risk, and YIELDEX will lead to growth in diversification that will reduce some of the most apparent risks in DeFi. The Medium announcement included templates on what the diversified indexes could look like. 

“I think diversification is key to mitigating risk, especially when providing liquidity to AMM’s, and with regards to investing in LP’s, this becomes important to reduce the risks of impermanent loss, while not completely eliminating impermanent loss,” added Mr. Ten.

Investors will also earn $TEN tokens on top of yield, in what was dubbed a win-win for Tenizens. TEN Finance has the chance to revolutionize how DeFi functions with this move––brace yourself and get ready to easel diversify your yield farm!

Ten Finance 

Ten Finance is a yield aggregator/optimizer that makes staking and yield farming easy with the most liquid BSC liquidity pools available. The protocol ensures that users are exposed to the most robust yield farming environment on the DeFi market while providing security, sustainability, longevity, and simplicity. In short, Ten Finance is simplified decentralized finance. 

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Source : bsc.news

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