Ten Finance Continues Teasing Yieldex and a Plethora of Innovation in Updated Roadmap

The Yieldex product remains the most significant innovation by Ten Finance as we anticipate its launch.

Ten Finance Releases Updated Roadmap

Yieldex (yield index) is at the apex of all the plethora of incoming innovations. The protocol has finally updated its roadmap to the entire public via Medium, showcasing its plans, including the ones completed, in progress, and the ones for the future. 

The roadmap is a long-anticipated update from the original version made in February. Last month, BSC News published an article about the progress of Ten Finance, and since then, Token Enrichment Network (TEN) has been updating its platform to accommodate the planned integrations.

The protocol has already established itself as a household name in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem after completing the first two phases disclosed on its updated roadmap. Now, all focus lies on finishing the other two phases for the remainder of the year.

This consists of the Ten Advancement (work in progress) and Ten Future (work for the future). Yieldex spearheads the development of the Q3 phase (Ten Advancement) alongside other innovations. 


Updated Roadmap: Ten Advancement 

Ten Advancement is the next phase on the updated roadmap. After accomplishing both Q1 and Q2 phases, Ten Finance seeks to continue its progress with Q3. Here are some of the big moves in the ongoing phase:

Yieldex Development In Full Speed:

According to the protocol’s blog post, the innovation has taken a considerable step closer to becoming a reality. With this, yield farming on the protocol will be made straightforward for every user. 

Increased Marketing:

Another plan in progress on the Ten Advancement phase is to improve marketing. Ten Finance will continue its marketing campaigns on social media pages to boost adoption. 

New Vaults:

TEN finance will add new liquid, secure and accessible vaults to its user, ensuring that they get quality out of its protocol. 

To learn more about the updated roadmap, read their blog post. 

Highly Anticipated Yieldex Teased Yet Again

Based on BSC News recent report, Yieldex is the flagship product of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, featuring several Yieldex options. Each has their own rewards and risk profiles. For example, the “Bluechip Yieldex” offers the highest Annual Percent Yield (APY), while the “Stablecoin Yieldex” has the lowest risk profile.

As always, the product was teased in the recent blog post by Ten Finance, “Yep! This is it, and I’m going to keep this short and sweet as we’re working on bringing the Yieldex to reality where we make farming easy and simple, for everyone!” 

Ten Finance 

Ten Finance is a yield aggregator/optimizer that makes staking and yield farming easy with the most liquid BSC liquidity pools available. The protocol ensures that users are exposed to the most robust yield farming environment on the DeFi market while providing security, sustainability, longevity, and simplicity. In short, Ten Finance is simplified decentralized finance. 


Final Thoughts

The updated roadmap shows that Ten Finance has its sights on developing its protocol for users’ benefit. With the Yieldex product the face of the many innovations, the community can only anticipate its launch, as included in the present phase. We at BSC will keep you updated when Ten Finance launches it.

Source : bsc.news

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