TeaSwap: A Digital Project for Real Projects

What is TeaSwap Finance? 

TeaSwap Finance is the first project combining DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and Gamified Farming (through SportParties and TeaParties) in order to fund associations through their cryptocurrency funding programs and donations. 

All TeaSwap investors (TeaSwapers) will be able first to farm our Tokens in our Dapp and second to make direct donations and express their desire to distribute TeaSwap’s farming collection to associations through a genuine account user interface Web and Mobile. 

TeaSwap is animated by a governance token MINT (v2), a digital BEP20 asset, which offers to holders many possibilities to participate in the TeaSwap development life project (submit proposals, vote, and earn famous coin though TeaParties) in the line of DAO. 

Our goal is to put in place a redistribution method with participatory action towards “associative funding based on the blockchains.”

What Do We Propose? 

TeaSwap ecosystem has a focus on 3 pillars: Funding associations, educating people on DeFi, promoting sports & e-sports. These 3 pillars aim together to link cryptos, especially TeaSwap, with the outside world. The interactions and interdependencies between them build TeaSwap as a bridge between cryptos, DeFi, and the world.

1st pillar: Funding Associations

2nd pillar: Educating People on DeFi

3rd pillar: Promote Sports & E-Sports

Together, MINT, SUGAR, and TEASPORT bring an equilibrium to the goals of TeaSwap Finance.

Where Are We? 

Look at our To-Do List revisited (version 2) below:

We are not a big team hence we were forced to make clever choices to grow step-by-step. Fortunately, we are life fighters and hard workers, all-night workers for some of us. 

We managed from April to now to stay on course with our good competitors with great determination and a real team cohesion.

We are still focused on our primary objective on the DeFi ecosystem and creating famous DeFi events that we called TEA PARTIES = to earn famous coins like Bitcoin, Etherum , Link, Elrond, …

What TeaSwap Brings to DeFi? 

TeaSwap is the first DeFi BSC Project to propose interactive farming through its SportParties and conditional farming through its TeaParties. 

To secure a good place in the future TeaSwap IRL ecosystem for founding associations implies you’re a clever investor in the DeFi ecosystem.

All our Tokenomics are made to be attractive and helpful for those who need our funds the most.

We also have a strong Defi Education pillar. While MINT is related to associations, TeaSport is related to Sport & e-sport, and SUGAR is related to DeFi education.

We have the crypto philosophy deep down in our DNA. Therefore, we are in favor of mass adoption, but also to have financially educated people investing and discovering the DeFi ecosystem. This is one of the main goals of SUGAR, as a partnership is coming to have DEFI professionals and known training providers available by SUGAR paiements. This is bringing us closer and closer to daily life use cases. On top of that, we provide for free basic DeFi explanations and trainings in our docs section (docs.tea-swap.finance)

Moreover TeaSwap is proud to announce the first remarkable milestone in its development

TeaSwap project was identified in June 2021 as one of the most rising “gem” in terms of innovation through DeFi by Chainlink Labs.

Chainlink Labs is based in San Francisco and is the leading provider of secure and reliable open-source blockchain oracle solutions, enhancing smart contracts by connecting them to a wide range of off-chain data sources and computations, such as asset prices, web APIs, IoT devices, payment systems, and more. We are dedicated to the development and integration of Chainlink as the standard decentralized oracle framework used by smart contracts across any blockchain.

A mixed task force between the TeaSwap Core dev team and Chainlink Labs has been established in order to use a maximum of Chainlink Technologies within the TeaSwap ecosystem.

Therefore, TeaSwap Finance can finally announce one active integration into its Raffles.

TeaSwap and Chainlink Labs will now join forces to deploy a communication and marketing campaign that meets the challenges of the Olympic Games event and cutting-edge technological innovation on the management and use of compiled data feeds.

We want to thank our early investors for their patience, trust, and time they gently supported even when we were head quite under water.

To face challenges was our main promise and now we will focus on our main objective to fund our associations. 

With Taste! 

And Sports ! 

Tea Swap Team

Social links: 

Website : tea-swap.finance/ 

Dapp : app.tea-swap.finance/ 

Telegram Channel : t.me/TeaswapFinance 

Announcement Canal : t.me/joinchat/6S9ipblHKys5NTA0 

Medium : teaswap-finance.medium.com/ 

Twitter : twitter.com/SwapTea 

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