Taroverse Staking Goes Live

Players can choose to stake between a $BUSD-$TARO or $BNB-$TARO liquidity pool powered by PancakeSwap.

Farm $TARO Rewards

Taroverse, a  PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the BNB network, has announced that their staking protocol is now live.

The team tweeted on July 5 to announce that their staking feature is now operational. Two pools, that use PancakeSwap smart contracts, can be accessed through their staking website. A $BUSD-$TARO and a $BNB-$TARO liquidity pool are available for players to select from.

“We are using PancakeSwap liquidity smart contracts for our staking portal,” Siddhant Srivastava, CEO of Taroverse, told BSCNews. “Players add liquidity via our portal and then deposit the LP token to farm taro rewards. Currently our reward strategy is set at 25,000 Taro tokens across all pools based on how much the TVL and multiplier of each pool [is and] the rewards are split and adjusted proportionally every 24 hrs.” 


As of writing, the $BNB pool has an APR of 290.16%, with a total value staked close to $16,000. The $BUSD pool, on the other hand, has an APR of 143.63% and a total value staked of around $40,000. Sid also shared that they are going to release their Launchpad, no-loss NFT lottery, marketplace, and NFT staking in the near future.

What is Taroverse:

Taroverse is a PlayAndEarn metaverse that is cross-chain and cross-platform. It has multiple games built on it that users can access through an open-world island. The goal of the Taroverse team is to bring high-quality gaming and social experiences through fun and interactive mediums while making some passive income. Tarogotchi, Taro Gem Quest, Monster Bash, and Tactics Royale are the current game modes planned to be built on its open-world metaverse.

Where to find Taroverse:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

Source : bsc.news

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