Taroverse Announces Tarogotchi for Metaverse GameFi

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Tarogotchi is the PlayAndEarn GameFi project’s MoveToEarn game feature on top of its current metaverse experience.

Taroverse Making Moves

Taroverse, a PlayAndEarn blockchain gaming project on the BNB Chain, has announced an active game feature for to its metaverse experience.

The team announced Tarogotchi, Taroverse’s MovetoEarn game feature, through a tweet on April 20. The feature is an added game mode to the existing list of game experiences that the Taroverse offers. Tarogotchi draws inspiration from the popular digital pet care game, Tamagotchi, with an added MoveToEarn mechanic.

“Revealing our 1st #MoveToEarn game now called Tarogotchi,” the GameFi protocol said in its tweet. “Walk in real-life daily to walk your Taro pet & earn juicy rewards. Players will need to walk, feed, and do simple daily tasks to keep their Taro pet alive.”


The Taroverse currently has three-game features listed on its whitepaper – Taro Gem Quest, Monster Bash, and Tactics Royale. Taro Gem Quest is a tile-matching game with added role-playing elements. Monster Bash is a fantasy hack and slash game set on an island where monsters are invading. Tactics Royale is an auto-chess game feature that has a card collection mechanism built into it. Tarogotchi will be the fourth game mode added to the existing three, adding a pet component to exploring the Taroverse open world.

“With Tarogotchi, players will be able to adopt a pet in the Taroverse; players will need to train the pet by walking in real life (move to earn), feed the pet when it gets hungry to replenish its energy, and to keep the pet alive,” Siddhant Srivastava, Taroverse CEO told BSC News. “They will get access to a same pet in the metaverse to follow them around; we are also working on a pet-only mini-game which players will also be able to play in Taroverse app. With us having an open world metaverse, there are a lot more possibilities for us to build new and unique features which can take move to earn to the next level!”

Sid shared that the inspiration for Tarogotchi came from wanting to take care of a pet in his apartment but not being allowed to do so. Tarogotchi now lets users have and take care of their pets in the open-world metaverse of Taroverse.

more about Taroverse as CEO Siddhant Srivastava showcases the metaverse in a recent Friday Night Live with Podcast and Spaces Host Tom Andrews of BSC News.

What is Taroverse:

Taroverse is a PlayAndEarn metaverse that is cross-chain and cross-platform. It has multiple games built on it that users can access through an open-world island. The goal of the Taroverse team is to bring high-quality gaming and social experiences through fun and interactive mediums while making some passive income. Tarogotchi, Taro Gem Quest, Monster Bash, and Tactics Royale are the current game modes planned to be built on its open-world metaverse. 

Where to find Taroverse:

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