Tank Battle Announces Two Major Features

The PlayToEarn blockchain project announced details of a FreeToPlay Server and a Commander Recruitment Program.

New Features for Tank Battle

Tank Battle has released two new features to its PlayToEarn blockchain project on BNB Chain.

In two separate tweets on March 28 on their Twitter account, the Tank Battle team announced that they will be releasing a FreeToPlay Server to make the game more accessible and release a commander recruitment program to aid in the influx of new players.

“TANK BATTLE OFFICIAL #F2P and #P2E VERSION – GAME ON! Match yourself against Alien bosses threatening to destroy our world,” TankBattle wrote in the first tweet. “#TANKBATTLE COMMANDERS RECRUIT PROGRAM! Refer your friends to play Tank Battle and get commissions up to 60%  from most of the revenue that the referred player earns from Tank Battle,” it tweeted a second time.


The Tank Battle team will allow FreeToPlay players to use two common tanks for each account. These tanks will be playable on TankBattle’s PvE game mode only, where users are matched up against computer-controlled aliens, and players will be able to farm 10% of what NFT tanks can earn to incentivize PlayToEarn players better.

Tank Battle also announced details of their commander referral program. The amount of $TBL––the Tank Battle native token–– a user holds, as well as the transaction volume in $TBL of the commander they referred to Tank Battle, will factor in the reward structure of the program. A referrer will level up for each transaction volume cap their referral has done for the month as long as the referrer has the appropriate holdings of $TBL. Levels will restart back to zero at the end of each month. 

Check out Tank Battle’s Medium post to learn more about the referral program.

What is Tank Battle?

Tank Battle is an idle PlayToEarn real-time strategy game built on the BNB Chain. It is a war-themed strategy game where you form a team of at most five tanks to try and defeat your opponent. Strategize by placing Tanks of different types in the best possible spot you think helps you win the battle. It is an idle strategy game. Therefore once you place the tanks, you will have to watch them battle against each other by firing their artillery at each other once the cooldown is over. Learn more about the project or try playing their demo by visiting their website.

Where to find Tank Battle:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | YouTube | 

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