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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Bellavita_xx: fine.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Bellavita_xx: let’s get on.

Q1: Could you please make a brief introduction of TAF Chain?

Bellavita_xx: Hi, everybody! I’m Bellavita, co-founder of TAF Chain. After four years of technological efforts since 2017, TAF Chain, known as “Tachyon Field Chain”, has become the first public chain that can serve global, large-scale commercial applications, drawing upon the efforts of the international top team and jointly developed by TAF Chain’s “Moshan Blockchain Joint Laboratory at the University of Glasgow” with its fully independent blockchain efficient underlying system.

Q2: What will be tested when TAF Chain testnet is launched? What’s the future plan?

Bellavita_xx: The launch of TAF Chain testnet indicates that its infrastructure has begun to take shape. TAF Chain will enter a new phase of development, marking an important milestone in the transition to mainnet.

The testnet currently supports transfer transactions only and other aspects of test will be gradually open. For details, please follow our official announcement.

In future releases, we will have BUG rewards/Hackathons campaigns to attract security personnel to audit TAF Chain’s testnet code to eliminate security vulnerabilities. A lucrative reward will be given if adopted. In the meantime, we will open communication channels with developers, collect feedback from them and make timely optimization and adjustment before launching the mainnet.

Q3: If I am a novice developer, can I build a DApp on TAF Chain? What programming languages and development tools do you use for your project? Is it complex?

Bellavita_xx: Actually it is not difficult to develop applications on TAF Chain.

It supports mainstream programming languages including C++, JAVA, Go, and many other development languages. We provide developers with complete development documents and tools.

TAF Chain can realize the integration of multi-token cross-chain communication and other ecosystems, such as Ethereum, so that almost every DApp can run on TAF Chain, so as to enable DApp developers to fully embrace the capabilities of blockchain. In the subsequent launch of DApp building tests, welcome all technological enthusiasts to join.

Q4: There are many new public chains in the market, such as Solana, Avalanche and Fantom which have gained a large number of users and funding. How do you think TAF Chain can detach from the competitive public Chain track?

Bellavita_xx: Driven by continued popularity of DEFI concepts this year, emerging public chains just as you mentioned has attracted the most funding and best asset performance in September.

The main reasons for old public chains to be left behind are network congestion, high Gas fee, unfriendly user experience and other problems, leading to price premium. In addition, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom and other public chains continue to improve in ecological construction, compatibility, user experience and other aspects, which also make them have more opportunities.

TAF Chain brings forth the new, absorbs strong points and improves and optimizes pain points of most mainstream public chains, which makes it highly competitive.

TAF Chain’s R&D team integrates oracle system, distributed privacy system, encryption algorithm, and cross-chain interoperability, enabling public chain to have advantages of high concurrency, low latency, heterogeneous interconnection, efficient distributed storage, smart contract development, and operating system interconnection. It connects homogeneous or heterogeneous blockchain system, realizes the operation of assets and data with a high performance of more than 140,000TPS. It also provides access to SDK and API to serve blockchain applications of the whole industry, enabling users to use blockchain applications easily, laying a solid technical foundation for ecological development and has the potential to become a mainstream public chain.

Q5: Well, you just talked about distributed storage of TAF Chain. Could you give us a brief introduction? How does that compare to distributed storage in IPFS?

Bellavita_xx: ISS(Infinite Space System) is a decentralized distributed storage system that TAF’s R&D team has developed over the years. The main purpose is to construct a trusted, secure and private infrastructure with a high performance for all mankind in the digital era. It is defined as the “world hard disk” and also as an infinite space storage system.

Storage on Filecoin must be packaged by miners and uploaded to the Filecoin network for storage so that the entire transaction (save) process is considered complete, but the transmission rate and costs are high. TAF Chain R&D team integrates the most advantageous resources to build ISS Infinite space system. Compared with traditional distributed storage system for data commercialization, ISS has irreplaceable advantages. It can seamlessly transmit traditional Internet data storage to ISS, maintain data privacy requirements with a faster speed, which makes traditional Internet projects more commercially scalable and expands the second growth curve. For the current “on-fire” NFT, ISS also has advantages over Filecoin in terms of storage cost, transfer speed and privacy security.

Q6: Thank you very much for Mr. Bellavita’s detailed explanation. So what are the application scenarios of TAF Chain?

Bellavita_xx: TAF Chain is the first public Chain that can truly serve the global large-scale commercial use. On-premises of greatly improving performances of public chain, it solves key problems that hinder the core business data of commercial users–data ownership and privacy problems, and greatly promotes implementation of large-scale commercial applications.

TAF Chain with a high TPS has many application scenarios in commercial fields. Blockchain mobile phone XVB KAMMURI (Web3+ Industry 4.0+5G) based on TAF Chain has advantages like high security, decentralized community governance and strong scalability, leading a new generation of smartphones. TDeChat, a decentralized communication application software based on TAF Chain, is a new generation of application software integrating decentralized social networking, digital wallet and NFT mall. The decentralized wallet UvToken incubated by TAF Chain will deeply support TAFT and TAF Chain ecosystem. TAF Chain works with Multispectral Fundus Imaging Instruments to ensure reliable source data while protecting user privacy. It is currently negotiating and cooperating with more projects, and future application scenarios bring infinite imaginary space.

Q7: TAF Chain has been established in so many business fields. I am looking forward to the explosion of TAF Chain in the future. What achievements and progress has TAF Chain made in this industry?

Bellavita_xx: At present, TAF Chain has been certified by several industry authorities, and received capital investment from several top investors and capital institutions around the world.

In addition, TAF Chain received a no objection letter from Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and issued the token, which provides strong compliance support for TAF Chain’s compliance operation and global layout. It implies that TAF Chain has been recognized by international authorities in terms of international regulatory compliance, technical capability, scenario application, privacy security, token nature and other aspects of issuance and transaction.

At the same time, in order to create a more prosperous blockchain application ecosystem, TAF Chain has established a joint laboratory with the University of Glasgow in September, which is committed to jointly promoting the underlying technology innovation in blockchain field globally, and exploring blockchain application scenarios and solutions with high performance, co-governance, security and privacy. It has provided a powerful driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.

Q8: How can we get real-time information of TAF Chain?


Twitter: twitter.com/tafchain1

Telegram: t.me/taf_chain

Discord: discord.gg/dHArA7czaY

Medium: medium.com/@tafchain

BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with TAF.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Bellavita_xx: Thank you to everyone for the kindly suggestions.

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for TAF.

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