Switchboard Oracle Goes Live on Core Mainnet

Core DAO’s Switchboard integration will empower developers to create different types of decentralized applications with ease.

Providing the Best Developer Experience for Core Builders 

Core’s Switchboard integration is fully operational. Developers can now utilize Switchboard oracle infrastructure to build their Decentralized Applications (dApp) on the layer-1 blockchain. 

Core developers have anticipated the integration following the partnership between both platforms. BSC News wrote in the partnership announcement on January 27 that the integration would allow developers to plug in necessary data like price, weather, and more into their Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. The integration went live on February 23. 

The integration enables core developers to leverage Switchboard’s Explorer and Publisher products to develop their dApps. Explorer allows developers to view live feeds and integrate them while Publisher is a fully customizable feed builder. Switchboard’s documentation shed more light on the significance of its Publisher product. 

“The Publisher retains its features of the catalog and custom feed builder (with Web 2 fetch, Parse, Math, Logic task types readily available). With the Publisher’s core features of permissionlessness and customizability, developers can build, fund and manage their data feeds all on our application without the need of any form contact or friction,” Switchboard wrote. 

Core DAO aims to empower developers with the integration. Moving forward, builders on the network will be able to launch different types of applications to the blockchain space and expand the Core ecosystem. 

Read the Switchboard blog to learn more. 

What is Core DAO:

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It represents an opportunity for miners to access new revenue streams by contributing hash power to the chain. Inspired by the principles of both blockchains, Core displays a deep appreciation for the crypto ecosystem’s history and an even greater excitement for Core’s role in its future.

Where to find Core DAO:

Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

Source : bsc.news

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