Sweetpad: Fundraising And Trading Platform On Binance Smart Chain

Sweetpad is a fundraising platform which aims to bring the best projects for investors.

What is Sweetpad?

Sweetpad is a fundraising and trading platform on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to invest in diverse “new born” crypto projects in spaces like gameFi, DeFi, and Metaverse. The projects are fully double audited before the launch on sweetpad which guarantees a safe investment environment for the users.

Sweetpad has also integrated an NFT staking system with a Pioneering mechanism which gives the users free tokens of newly launched projects.

Notably, the project charges absolutely no fees at its end but there is a very small fee charged by the Binance Smart Chain.

Private Sale

The private sale for Sweetpad is already underway and investors who aim to be a part of this new fundraising platform can get in touch by filling this form and visiting the website and connecting their wallets ASAP!

What does Sweetpad bring to the table?


Sweetpad platform is a very user-friendly way to give access to all kinds of users including beginners with no previous knowledge in the crypto industry.

Unlike other launchpad and trading platforms, the company has allocated whitelist spots where the spot is guaranteed for the user.

The project uses an anti-whale mechanism which ensures that no single sell can amount to over 0.05% of the total supply of Sweet coin, the native utility token of Sweetpad. The mechanism helps in halting any price manipulation trials by major holders.

Double authentication to prevent Rug pull 

Sweetpad carefully analyzes every project that applies for the launchpad IDO for ensuring the users’ investment safety. To do so, the applied projects have to mandatorily pass a two-phase authentication process.

Sweetpad has an internal authentication system which is run by its Coin Audit department, which has a team of crypto experts who are responsible for the project screening. For ensuring maximum safety for the investors, Sweetpad also has external independent Coin Auditors whose names are displayed under each project audited.

For ensuring no rug pull situation in Sweet Coin, the mechanism locks the team wallet for the first six months giving reassurance for the users. The reserves are also locked and controlled by a smart contract which automatically will unlock a percentage of tokens whenever there is a low liquidation pool situation.

Anti sniping bots

Launchpads having sniping bots is one of the biggest problems users face. These types of bots buy the coin once launched and sell it after sometime, resulting in price crash and endangering users’ funds and project continuity. However, since all allocations in Sweetpad are done only through a whitelist, Sweetpad anti sniping bots have no power to do such notorious things.


The native utility token of Sweetpad, Sweet Coin has the following characteristics:

Sweetpad Ecosystem

Sweetpad v1.0

If we look into launchpad features, Sweetpad v1.0 includes:

  1. Guaranteed Allocation tiers

Sweetpad offers its users a guaranteed whitelist allocation in the new projects launched, which gives them the opportunity to have the coins with the lowest IDO price. For that, they must skate their Sweet Coins in a way to have more than 10,000 xSweet.

There are three tiers in Sweetpad v1.0, which give users an allocation where allocation size depends on the tier itself. The three tiers are:

10,000 xSweet

50,000 xSweet

100,000 xSweet

  1. NFT staking (whitelist lottery tickets)

The user first buys an NFT using Binance USD (BUSD) and then they have two options:

Sell the NFT in BSC marketplace

Stake the NFT to receive free lottery tickets. The winner of the lottery would be awarded allocations in the whitelist of the new projects.

Sweetpad V2.0

Coming to the Sweetpad V2.0, the users have:


NFT marketplace 

NFT Game

First launchpad in Metaverse (users can buy their coins through the metaverse world, interact with projects and people inside.)

Sweetpad V3.0

Sweet Game

Sweet Verse

Map of Work



Sweetpad aims to take fundraising to the next level by bringing the best projects in the crypto space. You can learn more about it and join the private sale by clicking on the website link below:










Source : bsc.news

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