Sweet Stacks Revives Lucky Charms From ETH Failure

Lucky Charms NFT collection will give users a chance to pick up prizes as they become a part of a new burgeoning NFT community.

Incentivized NFT Collection on BNB Chain

Sweet Stacks, a Non-fungible Token (NFT) lottery platform that offers users the chance to win $CAKE tokens and NFT prizes, will unveil its latest NFT collection on BNB Chain. The new collection—Lucky Charms—will be a gateway for users to participate in draws to win PixelSweeper NFTs. 

The new collection is a reform of a failed NFT collection, Squiggles, built on the Ethereum chain. Squiggles NFT was labeled a scam by a popular internet detective who exposes fake projects and crypto investments, CoffeeZilla. The collection later got delisted on OpenSea after the YouTube video circulated with over 860K views in February 2022. 

Sweet Stacks will launch the Squiggles-reformed Lucky Charms NFT collection on BNB Chain to salvage the project since the team abandoned it. Creator of Sweet Stacks, Bucko Quest, was questioned by BSC News about the protocol’s interest in reviving the abandoned Squiggle NFT project. Bucko disclosed that it would ensure that Sweet Stacks supports victims of NFT scams. 

“Very little has been done to help the victims of fraud and theft. If you get your crypto assets stolen today, it’s like getting into a major car accident. You may not be able to walk ever again, and often you’re just left as on the side of the road like roadkill,” Bucko told BSC News. “My hope is that we can learn how to better use this transparency to expose and prevent fraud and financial crime from happening in real-time. Until then, it’s up to good samaritans to help out, and we’re doing our small part at Sweet Stacks to provide victims of NFT scams with some justice and restitution.”


Lucky Charms is a collection of 5,000 attractive 3D characters, which will serve as tickets to enter the raffle draw. Users would receive one Lucky Charm NFT when they mint ten Lottery tickets. Sweet Stacks will launch the collection on Monday, June 13, at 10 AM UTC. Also, the protocol will airdrop tickets to users who minted the Squiggles NFT collection. However, they must fill out the “Squiggles Compensation Fund” form HERE before September 1. Only users who minted the collection are eligible for the airdrop. 

When Lucky Charms NFT debuts on BNB Chain, users who mint them will have a fair chance to win a PixelSweeper NFT weekly. The launch also creates an avenue to reward victims of the failed collection on Ethereum. Generally, the collection is exciting for the Sweet Stacks community, as users have a chance to obtain them for free and also win NFT rewards. 

How to Obtain Lucky Charms NFT 

The Sweet Stacks team disclosed through its Medium blog on May 31 that they are not affiliated with the Squiggles project. Therefore, the collection is coming to BNB Chain with improvements to prevent attacks from snipers during minting. 

There are different ways to get Lucky Charm NFTs, including public minting: 

Minting Tickets Before and After June 13: For every 10 Lifetime/Lottery tickets minted, users would receive one FREE Lucky Charms NFT. For instance, if you mint 30 tickets before or after June 13, you will receive three FREE Lucky Charms. 

Whitelist: When the protocol launches the NFT collection, minting lifetime tickets will be paused for 8 hours. During this time, whitelisted users will be able to mint Lucky Charms at 0.02 BNB per ticket. Thus, whitelisted users will purchase ten tickets plus one FREE Lucky Charm at 0.2 BNB. Currently, Golden ticket holders on the platform are whitelisted, and the protocol will disclose other ways soon. 

Public Minting: This will commence after the whitelist. However, users will be able to mint Lucky Charms for 0.022 BNB per ticket, which is slightly more than that of whitelisted users. Therefore, users need 0.022 BNB to purchase one Lucky Charm NFT—10 lifetime tickets plus one Lucky Charm.

Read the protocol’s Medium publication for ways to obtain Golden Tickets. 

What is Sweet Stacks: 

Sweet Stacks offers users lifetime NFT lottery tickets without an expiry date. Tickets give users the chance to win CAKE tokens and NFTs. Users who hold these tickets in their wallets will enter the daily and weekly draws to win up to 1000 $CAKE plus NFTs. 

Lifetime tickets can also be sold to other players. The platform gives users the chance to mint once, play forever, and sell tickets anytime. According to the protocol’s website, only 50,000 tickets are available, and the odds of winning are relative to the number of tickets owned. Thus, the higher the number of tickets minted, the greater your chances of winning, and vice versa. 

Where to find Sweet Stacks: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram 

Source : bsc.news

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