SweepToken: The Community Driven Meme Utility Token on BNB Chain

With Sweep Token’s unique utility, meme lovers on BNB Chain can enjoy great rewards.

Community Run Utility Token

Launched in September 2022, Sweep Token is a Community Meme Utility Token on BNB Chain. The project is managed by community team members and volunteers who are passionately contributing to its success.

There seems to be a massive divide between NFTs on Ethereum and BNB Chain, with Ethereum taking up the larger share of market dominance. Sweep Token aims to bridge this gap between both chains by attracting more media interest, token holders, and bringing more recognition to NFTs on BNB Chain through its thriving community.

Having reached an impressive $2 Million market capitalization in just over 4 months, Sweep Token is adding more value to the network and improving the NFT landscape on BNB Chain.

Sweep Token is a deflationary token, where every transaction made decreases the supply. A 5% reflection from every transaction on the protocol is automatically redistributed to token holders based on their Sweep Token holdings, providing a direct way for the community of token holders to benefit from the project’s success. In addition, Holders can participate in NFT draws, the NFT staking hub, as well as become Sweep Club members, allowing them to check their earnings.

The NFT draws consist of BNB, Blue chip NFT collections, etc., and do not cost Sweep Tokens to participate. However, users need to simply hold the minimum amount required to participate in the draws. You can get Sweep Token here.

Sweep Token has a long-term vision and a focus on community building, as evidenced by the various benefits offered to token holders. The team is committed to building a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, making it a promising project for the meme community.


The total starting supply of Sweep Token is 100,000,000,000,000,000, of which 54% of the tokens were sent to a dead wallet upon launch, with 0.8125% sent to the team wallet and locked for one year. 20.1875% was added to Liquidity and locked for 10 years, while 25% was allocated to the fair launch. You can find more information in the Sweep Token Whitepaper.

The dead wallet address will also receive reflections every time there is a transaction, ultimately decreasing the circulating supply of SWEEP and making it more scarce over time.

Sweep Hub Earning Platform

Sweep Hub is Sweep Token’s earning platform, where users can hold BNB Chain NFT collections or BNB Chain tokens and earn SWEEP. There is no need to connect a wallet or send out tokens or NFTs, making it a secure platform for users to earn additional tokens.

To participate in Sweep Hub, users need to hold the utility token SWEEP. Find more information on the NFT collections to hold and earn SWEEP here.

For the owners of BNB Chain NFT Collections or BNB Chain Tokens, it is useful to create a pool to :

  • Reward the community for earning SWEEP.
  • Increase the visibility to all others SWEEP partners.
  • That the community can also earn more SWEEP by holding other nfts or tokens on the HUB

Audit Check

To boost community confidence, Sweep Token has undergone two smart contract audits with security firms Techrate and Contract Checker.

Sweep Members Club (SMC)

The Sweep Token Membership club acts an exclusive utility for Sweeptoken holders. To gain access to the Membership club, you will need to burn 500 billion Sweep Tokens as well as own a Sweep Members Club NFT (SMC). The members club comes with great features like checking balance, earnings, multiple entries to the draws.

Draws: Club Members can enter draws based on the number of Sweep Members Club NFT. The more NFTs you own, the more draws you can enter.

Balance: Sweep Club Members can check their balance of SweepToken and see how much it is worth. They can also check how much they have earned from reflection rewards.

Club Members also earn Sweep Points. While these points do not have monetary value, they do come in handy within the club.

Sweep Token had a FREE Mint of its 5000 Sweep Members Club NFTs and has seen the floor price go up to 0.2 BNB, ranking number 1 top gainer on Rareboard.

With about 223 Sweep Club Members currently, intending members would need to hold the Sweep Members Club NFT (SMC) and also burn 500 billion Sweeptoken to gain access.

The Sweep Members Club NFT (SMC)  is available on Rareboard.

Overall, Sweep Token is a promising project driven by a passionate community that aims to bridge the gap between NFTs on the Ethereum and BNB Chain while providing unique rewards for meme lovers.

Stay updated with Sweep Token and its developments via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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