Swamp Finance Releases Updated Roadmap As Platform Approaches $200M TVL

Yield optimization platform Swamp Finance has dropped a new update of its plans for the remainder of the year. The roadmap features a lot of exciting plans for development across the rest of 2021.


Yield farming protocol Swamp Finance has released a new update of its roadmap for Q3 as it approaches $200ML in Total Value Locked (TVL), announced via Twitter on May 10th. Here’s a look at some of their business plans for the upcoming months.

Swamp Finance Updated Roadmap


The updated roadmap features many new initiatives, including the Swampy Lottery, Froggy Swap integration, swap aggregator, insurance integration, Certik Audit, and many more future integrations.  

The updated Roadmap is divided into quarterly projected implementations. Below is a list of completed plans: 


Listing on important websites

Wallet support

100 new vaults 

UX improvement

Additional wallet support

Harvest all function

Audit on Techrate.org

SWAMP on official PancakeSwap list

Speed Upgrade

Big Swamp burn event. 

To view an extensive overview of the Swamp Finance 2021 roadmap, click this link. 

Many of the features on the roadmap are scheduled for Q3 and Q4 of 2021, but Swamp has made tremendous progress on their goals for Q1 and Q2. Investors can expect to see continued growth by the project as long as they are meeting their projected outcomes in a timely manner.

What Is Swamp Finance? 


Swamp Finance is a yield optimization protocol. The protocol ensures that yield is aggregated for holders and users of its native SWAMP token. In essence, Swamp Finance enables yield aggregation for its users. To facilitate yield farming automation and compounding processes, Swamp makes use of vaults. These vaults are very effective for gas usage and many other automated processes. They also help in providing numerous strategies for growing users’ assets automatically. 

Swamp Finance is designed to promote long-term yield farming with its optimal compounding strategy with a profitable pricing model. Therefore, long-term holders will benefit from a lot of incentives.  With yield generation and compounding automation, users do not need to reinvest their staking rewards manually. Just by staking or making deposits into the vaults, their assets will grow automatically. The goal of the protocol is to increase users’ deposits with less effort. 

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