Swamp.finance and ApeSwap Partnership, BANANA Staking and SWAMP/BNB Liquidity Pools

ApeSwap has announced a partnership with Swamp.finance, allowing its users to earn $SWAMP by staking $BANANA. Through Swamp.finance, ApeSwap can give its users access to a yield optimizer that enables automatic aggregation for them

SwampFinance/ApeSwap Partnership Details


This partnership will allow users of ApeSwap to grow their assets through Swamp.finance’s vault which offers various yield strategies and other automated processes. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) optimizer has an optimal compounding method alongside an effective pricing model that offers long-term yield farming with benefits for long-term owners. Depositing funds into vaults is a stress-free passive investment strategy since the process of yield generation and compounding is automated. Users can stake their $BANANA to earn new tokens, with immediate service allowing users to stake and unstake instantly. $SWAMP rewards are based on block calculations. All these benefits make Swamp.finance stand out among other similar farms, with only small downsides for users such as front-end errors that are being worked on.

Swamp Dashboard

User Benefits

Reward of $SWAMP tokens

The staked LP token in the vault increases the LP tokens for the holder

Holders can auto-claim without having to enter the pool and claiming daily. This is helpful to those with money in several pools. The auto-claims happen at specific intervals and their compounding effects over time are phenomenal. Users aren’t compelled to log into swamp finance daily before they can harvest their tokens.

Optimized Yield Farming through innovative vault-compounding methods.

About ApeSwap


ApeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) located on the Binance Smart Chain. The team has collaborated with other successful projects including O3 LabsValue DeFi, and now Swamp.finance. ApeSwap aims to maximise user gains through yield farming and LP staking rewards, keeping their $BANANA token at a high value.  

About Swamp.finance

Swamp.finance is a yield optimizer that enables automatic yield aggregation. Their focus is to create a yield farming strategy for users that will benefit them long-term. Swamp.finance uses unique compounding methods based around improving user rewards as earned through maintained investment.

Partnership Roadmap/Final Thoughts

For those who might still have any queries regarding this partnership and its expected outcomes, Swamp.finance held an ask-me-anything session with MidasProtocolGlobal on their Telegram channel on April 20th. The teams aim to optimize yield farming on the BSC, increasing the user base of both platforms. 

This partnership should increase both the investor base on ApeSwap as well as the Total Value Locked (TVL) in Swamp.finance. The benefits of optimized yield farming that Swamp.finance offers will be an excellent incentive for ApeSwap users to begin utilizing the protocol and backing $SWAMP.

Source : bsc.news

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