Supra Finance: Implementing Low, Medium and High-Risk Investment Systems

Supra Finance addresses the lack of well-defined Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investment platforms on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Supra Finance offers vaults, an integrated exchange, an algo stable cryptocurrency, and unique farming opportunities.

What is Supra Finance?

Supra Finance is a DeFi investment-focused project built on the BSC network that offers users various investment options from low, medium to high risks.

Supra Vaults — BSC Farming simplified

The platform offers a simplified Vault service in two tiers, Supra Choice, which is properly vetted projects with trusted teams, and degens with high risks. An algorithmic stable coin that contracts and expands its supply to keep the price of the coin pegged to a Dollar and its bank service, which includes SDO(Supra Dollar), SBO(Supra Bond), and SSO(Supra Shares) like its predecessor bDollar.

Key Features

Vault Service

Algorithmic Stable Coin


Project Components

The project’s products and services are laser-focused on investments; its core aim is to increase the earning potential of its users. Part of this includes no Swap services as they are seamlessly integrated from other Automated Market Maker (AMM) services like Slime Finance and PancakeSwap Finance.

Exchange: Rather than fork an exchange from PancakeSwap Dex, the platform integrates the service of Slime Finance Dex on its platform. Clicking the exchange service on the Super Finance dashboard, you’re redirected to Slime Finance.

Slime Finance

The platform provides two services; Slime and Pancake Swaps. You can readily purchase SDO, SBO, SSO on this platform without needing a contract address in a straightforward process.

After obtaining any of the three Supra Finance tokens, users can now access all the platform’s different investment products and services.

Supra Vault Service: Vault services automate earnings for users without incurring extra costs like gas. Supra Finance takes care of all automation in the vault contracts to ensure a smooth and safe automated investment process with low maintenance cost.

Supra Vault 

The Vault service automates and compounds earnings for users. For example, unlike regular farming, which requires the user to remove and add LPs manually, vault service takes care of that and adds initial earnings to the old balance in a compounding manner. This results in a seamless and boosted DeFi experience. 

Supra Finance Vaults comes in two choices; the first, Supra Choice, offering low to medium risk with a timelock, no migration code, and/or trusted teams. Degen choice is the second and classified as high risk, coming with a higher potential of rugpulling and may cause loss of funds. Supra charges 4% performance fees and 0.1% withdrawal fees. The performance fees are divided into 2.7% treasury(buyback Supra for Supra single asset vault and partnerships, 0.3% Dev fee, and 1% caller fee(reward for calling compound manually)

Supra Bank: Like its successful predecessor bDollar, Supra Finance also has its bank services which include its boardroom, shares, bond, and Supra BNB(coming soon).

Supra Dollar: An algorithmic stable coin that can adjust its supply deterministically, i.e., if the price is away from the peg, the supply can either expand or contract to ensure that every time the SDO token is pegged to 1 BUSD.

Supra Dollar is a multi-token protocol that consists of three tokens: SDO (the algorithmic stablecoin pegged to a dollar). 

Also they have implemented another token called SBNB pegged to BNB. This will have its own Boardroom in the near future


Supra Dollar Shares or SSO, which holders can claim SDO inflation when the network expands, i.e., projects mints and distributes SDO to users that stake on the boardroom during this phase.


Supra Dollar Bonds or SBO, which can be purchased at a 1:1 rate when the network is in contraction and can be redeemed with a premium for SDO, the network returns to its inflationary state, above the $1 peg.

SUPRA Share Bank

Supra Bank and Shares offer users an attractive APR, especially for stable coin LP pairs. The product incorporates deposit fees to further drive value to SUPRA, ranging between 2-4% for each pair.

The Bond platform allows users to purchase SupraBond (SBO) and the redemption of the stable algorithmic dollar (SDO).

SUPRA Boardroom

Boardroom where Supra Shares token (SSO) can be staked to claim SDO. 

Please note: In the Boardroom, every deposit & withdrawal of SSO will lock up SDO for six epochs and rewards for three epochs. Likewise, every claim of SDO rewards will lock up SSO for six epochs, and the subsequent claim of SDO rewards can only be made three epochs later.

Detailed information of the Supra Finance Bank operation and its farming vaults and pairs can be found on this Medium post.

Supra Voodoo: The team, in its interest to help rugpull victims make back their lost funds, has initiated the idea of Voodoo degen farming.

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