SuperFarm Partners With Injectective Protocol Offering Limited NFT Drop and Farm

SuperFarm Partners With Injectective Protocol Offering Limited NFT Drop and Farm

SuperFarm and Injective Protocol Collaboration

The SuperFarm team has announced the protocol’s new collaboration with the Injective Protocol, becoming the first active partnership to launch a farm on the protocol. According to the team, this partnership allows INJ token holders to get their hands on rare NFTs with limited numbers – each with impressive graphics and utilities. The news broke June 17th through an official Tweet and Medium post.

Holders of these limited NFTs will have higher chances of receiving surprise tokens and NFT drops on Equinox staking.

SuperFarm and Injective Protocol Partnership | Source

Injective Protocol Airdrop and Farming Program

This special Injective Protocol NFT event will happen in two parts: the NFT Drop and the Farming program.

Only a limited number of NFTs will be available. There will be a total of 1,160 Injective NFTs, of which half will be distributed to the drops and the other half to the farming program.

There will be five different Injective NFTs of a varying rarity in existence:

500 2D Harmony

500 2D Entropy

100 Concept Art

50 2D Nemesis

10 Animated Nemesis

The NFT Drop Worth on SuperFarm

These are the prices for the NFT drop:

2D Harmony/Entropy: 0.2 ETH

2D Concept Art: 0.3 ETH

2D Nemesis: 1 ETH

Animated Nemesis: 4 ETH

Stake Your INJ Tokens and Farm Scarce NFTs

The farming program will follow after the airdrop event. Take the following steps to farm the rare NFTs on SuperFarm;

Go to SuperFarm and select “Details” next to the INJ NFT farm.

In a first transaction, unlock your INJ tokens.

Choose the amount of INJ you want to farm with and confirm the “Deposit” transaction.

Watch your Astros accrue (on a pro-rata basis according to the number of INJ tokens staked) and redeem them for Injective NFTs.

Timeline for the Drop and Farming

Injective NFT Drop: June 18th, 7 pm UTC

Injective NFT Farm Launch: June 20th, 7 pm UTC

More details about this event, including the NFT types are entered in this Medium post from Superfarm.


About Injective Protocol 

Access limitless DeFi market with Zero barriers by exploring the world of Injective Protocol Decentralized Exchanges. The protocol ensures a fast, secure, and fully decentralized layer 2 Dex.

To learn more about Injective Protocol, kindly check out the following resources: Website | Twitter | Telegram 

About SuperFarm 

SuperFarm is a community-driven project at the intersection of NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi. SuperFarm aims to bring utility to any token by turning it into limited editions NFTs farms with no code required.

Its latest and first farming partnership with Injective Protocol further establishes its aim of working with projects looking at leveraging the power of NFTs. Thus, SuperFarm provides the bridge between current cryptosystems and the explosive gaming industry.

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