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Cryptodaily admin: Hello everyone Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily! I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by Ms. Missy from Supercars 

How are you feeling?

Ms. Missy: Hi everyone, Hi Daley ! How are you ? ! grateful and exciting 

Cryptodaily admin: I’m doing well thanks for asking  Yes it is exciting to have you here with us and talk about Supercars  Shall we start the AMA right away?

Ms. Missy: Yes Please ; can’t wait lol 

Q1: Please summarize what Supercars is. Why did you build a Car-related GameFi?

Ms. Missy: Supercars is the first CARDAO autonomous platform in the metaverse that integrates car fans’ communication and racing entertainment. SuperCars has built a CarDAO ecology in the metaverse that integrates car enthusiast communication and entertainment, with Supercars, Supercar Club, Arena PVE, Arena PVP, Club League Tournament, Car Rental, LP Staking Pool, CarDAO Construction, NFT Trading, NFT Encryption Showroom, Forum, Car Fans Community, License Plate Bidding, and many other scenarios are played to create a truly exciting environment for players to compete and communicate with other car fans.

We will build a car platform in the metaverse. Since cars are immediately our life, we can not live without them, and racing cars, it’s even more fun – stimulates our adrenaline and brings an enjoyable experience. Like we just said, to make a car topic gamefi, bring us a lot of ways to play

Q2: Could you tell us about your Team? Are you fully doxed and what are your past experiences with Game building + Blockchains? 

Ms. Missy: Our team belongs to Darqtec, Darqtec was established in 2019,it is an Australian-based web and software development company focused on the emerging field of blockchain, Web 3.0, FinTech and GamFi industries. Darqtec is one of the fastest growing companies in the world of DARQ Technologies,Recently, we have been gradually making efforts in the gaming field and have shown extraordinary strength.

Our team leader has 6 years of experience in the game field, 2 years exchanges for gamefi, involved in lots of game design and developments as a team lead.

Q3:  Lets talk about the CarDAO. Has it been implemented from day 1, or is it something that’s going to be released later? 

Ms. Missy: CarDAO is being built since the global founder phase. First things first we mint the CAR token by supercars and it is all being managed by CarDAO members’ selection decision. Anyone of them can try very hard to apply for it and the token will be minted once they get the position. You know what, the initial circulating token will be scattered among the DAO members, and this is what we call “ DAO”

And then, I want to say that every showing CarDAO member will be able to have the right of voting, governing, decision making, etc. They can share the benefit and construct the platform by fundraising, voting. Within the gradual setup and development, CarDAO will be increasingly important. And on 12th April, we plan to launch a voting function regarding self-governing by the CarDAO community. And from 15th April, CarDAO members can vote and fundraise for building the community car parking lot – to further achieve self-governing and benefit sharing. CarDAO will ALWAYS stick to the rules to realize the self-governing, evolution without centralized control. In DAO We always take advice, and make decisions in order to thrive. We equip it with excellent supporting facilities and systems, and help with implementing more complete products, to provide service to the community members and users.

Q4: I feel like GameFi projects are using the term “Metaverse” to lure investors while having nothing to show for. So, what is in the Supercars metaverse? What are the core products inside this Metaverse that you offer and what can we do with it?

Ms. Missy: Games can be real life, any player can create value and gain via experience, racing, operation, usage and creation, and even more various ways.

Supercars’ metaverse aims to create a new digital world formed by the combination of Virtual Reality. People can play, socialize, and create a series of collaborative activities in this real-time online digital world, which will break the limits of time and space.

Q5: What do we need in order to join the Supercars play-to-earn Game?

Ms. Missy: There are several ways to play-to-earn in Supercars.

First of all ,you buy CarNFT, and “Parking your car” in the supercars parking lot, to earn the related income. And also you can join the PVE,PVP to get the gaming experience. And you know what, you can even rent a car if you don’t have a Car. Besides, CarDAO members can build the super parking lots, and arena by fundraising. And we have more ways to do the Play to earn in the future, it is all decided by the CarDAO members.

Q6: Please share with us your tokenomics. What are some of your use cases and how can we earn in your game?

Ms. Missy: The only token for the Supercars platform is CAR, which is also the only equity credential for CarDAO.

• Total CAR volume 300,000,000 units

• In the process of each transaction and NFT minting, a certain amount of destruction will be

generated, and eventually 100,000,000 units will be destroyed.

• Centralized organization has no right to issue and determine the initial circulation of CARs,

which are capped at 6,000,000 as determined by the CarDAO organization’s self-governance.

• Anyone can become a CarDAO member to jointly mint CAR’s initial circulation token, with a minimum individual quota of 100 and a maximum of 500. After that, all the CARs produced will be mined by CarDAO members through PLAY-TO-EARN and CREATE-TO-EARN in the Supercars application. There is no initial pass issuance in the Technology R&D Center, and CAR is minted by Car-DAO organization members.

Earning methods:

•Yield farming or mining

Any user who provides liquidity support for the circulation of CARs can participate in the

liquidity pool LP Staking program and jointly share the 1% CAR share of each transaction for

users across the network.

• Game Access

The process of users participating in the Supercars game is the process of creating token

CARs. players in the Supercars scenario conducting Supercar’s parking lot parking, racing in

competition, league socialization, Supercar clubs and other behaviors are accompanied by

the orientation of token value, and will obtain CARs of relative value. At the same time, in all

players’ behavioral, the minting of NFT props will be generated, and the token of CAR and

NFT in circulation is the process of realizing the token acquisition.

• Content Access

The value-oriented process generated by Supercars include but not limited to, application

scenarios where users can post content creation on open platforms such as the Supercars

forum, where the active topics creators and discussion participants of Supercars can

continuously benefit through content publishing in the form of Supercars’ unique token CARs.

Q7: What will be released at the end of this quarter and what are your plans for 2022 as a whole? 

Ms. Missy: We activate the recruitment of global founders plan on 16th march, it will last 20 days till 5th April. Our 3 phase will be as below:


2022.03.16: SuperCars recruiting Global Founders

2022.04.06: CarDAO equity credential – CAR token officially launched, activate the “LP Staking Pool ”

2022.04.06: SuperCars released the first beta testing, officially launched the racing car NFT, activated the super parking lot racing car storage rights and benefits, and enjoyed the returns.


2022.04.12: Supercars officially launching;CarDAO community autonomous rights and voting function activated.

2022.04.15: CARDAO members can vote to crowdfund to set up the community exclusive dealer shop, to achieve the members autonomy, benefit sharing

2022.04.20: SuperCars release the second beta test, activate the Super Arena PvE battles


2022.04.20: Launch the rental car service to encourage players who do not have NFT to participate in the game, so that more players can participate in the beta test

2022.06.10: Activate the Super Arena PvP mode, top racers in the metaverse are waiting for you to fight

2022.07.05: The top club the CarDAO community will start the alliance tournament, carve up the 10 million prize pool

Q8: Where can we find out more about Supercars? 

Ms. Missy:


Cryptodaily admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Supercars 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ms. Missy: Follow our Twitter Acct to get more information for SuperCars !!!!

Thanks Daley !!

Cryptodaily admin: Thanks for being here with the BSCDaily community! It has been a pleasure  Best of luck to you, the team and the Supercars game, take care 

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