Super Pepe Bros and the Future of SmokeHouse

Smokehouse and Super Pepe Bros plan to become a gaming hub on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SmokeHouse aims to parallel large gaming companies like Activision and Nintendo.

About SmokeHouse

The SmokeHouse is a decentralized exchange that leverages Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology. This Dex allows for seamless and permissionless token swaps. SmokeHouse is a high-yielding platform that boasts $183,810 Total Value Locked (TVL) across all LPs and Smoke pools.

Its simple and intuitive dashboard makes Yield farming and Steaking (Staking) relatively easy to do through the intuitive UI. For those who wish to read an in-depth review on SmokeHouse check out their project insight: SmokeHouse Finance Project Insight: Yield Farming & Staking Protocol

Without much Ado, the team has recently launched its first incubated project, Super Pepe Bros!

What is Super Pepe Bros?

Almost everyone around since the beginning of the millennium is familiar with the Super Mario Game. Enter Super Pepe Bros, here to eliminate users’ worry in a fascinating world of discovery game in a quest to save Princess Pepe. Currently, the platform has established its theme and tokenomics structure while the remaining developments are made. The team has run into a few contract issues but farming is still enabled while the migration contract is under development. More information regarding smart contracts can be found here.

Key Features

The key features of the platform include:


Super Yield Farming

Tiered level (world)

Platform Components

The differentiating key feature with other yield farming platforms is that Super Pepe Bros yield farming platform comes with a lot of fun and excitement for stakers and yield farmers. It’s separated into tier levels which users must pass through to get to the next level.

Here is How it Works

The longer you stake, farm, and harvest rewards, the more rewards you receive. Each level that you progress increases your bonus multiplier. This bonus multiplier is compounded on top of your earnings, further increasing your rewards.

Each player starts at level 1 with a 1x multiplier. At each level, players gain will increase their multiplier by 0.1. So, at level 2, a 1.1x multiplier is open to players. At level 10, there is a 1.9x multiplier. And, at level 30, you will have the highest level multiplier of 3.9x. Users will keep track of their level and farming experience via the experience bar at the website’s top. When users reach the required amount of rewards to get to the next level, they can harvest their rewards to level up (there are no restrictions on the frequency and the number of rewards reaped).

When you level up, Pepe goes to the next level, and the website changes to display the new world. Sounds Exciting? Also, the platform features a time restriction per level so that farmers cant proceed to the next level until they have spent some time on their current level. This was implemented to make the leveling process fair to all users.

Currently, the timelock is set at 6hrs per level, which creates a seven-day limit to reach the maximum level. However, if you unstake, your level will reset. Adding more, harvesting, or compounding will not reset your level. In short, users are rewarded for staking tokens for long durations to max their reward multiplier.

Break down of the levels users must pass to get to the next level:

The plan is that Super Pepe Bros will not just be a farming platform but a game influenced by the Nintendo Mario game. It will be a collection of fast-paced multiplayer mini-games in a standalone application. Providing extra value to both $SPB and $SMOKE native platform tokens.


The SmokeHouse team has capped the SMOKE token to a max supply of 5,000,000. The team also plans to reduce block rewards from 4 to 1 SMOKE per block once the supply reaches 4,000,000. This is an effort to make farming rewards last longer but at lower yields. Overall, it offers more sustainability to the yield farming model.

SmokeHouse Token Details:

Total Maximum – 5 000, 000 $SMOKE (no more tokens can be minted)

Circulating Supply – ~3 000 000 $SMOKE

Super Pepe Bros Token Details;

Total $SPB minted – 2, 383, 119

Total Burned – 0

Total $SPB Supply – 2, 383, 119


The team has currently partnered with DEGENR to farm exclusive NFTs on their farm. $SPB holders will soon have the ability to farm NFT’s exclusive to this collaboration”


Earn Points

Swap Points for NFT’s

The release of NFTs boosts the experience to the next level giving users a form of unique interaction. The $SMOKE currency will be the primary means of getting into many of these unique and innovative yield farming games.

In the future, Smokehouse and Super Pepe Bros plan to become the gaming hub on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SmokeHouse aims to parallel large gaming companies like Activision and Nintendo. The smokehouse team has introduced its latest developments to push towards its end vision:

You will be able to wage $SMOKE against other players head to head in all of our video games in development, the first one being Pepe Party.

You will be able to buy exclusive NFTs with $SMOKE through our NFT store. These NFTs will be able to do the following: You will be able to equip these NFTs in our video game avatars( and they may have special attributes). You will also be able to purchase NFTs that give you power-ups in our farms/video games. Some of our games will have loot boxes with various goodies within them. Smoke will be used to open the loot boxes. More on this later. All $SMOKE proceeds will be burned.

Beta/Early access to help test all our video games and get sneak peeks.

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