Sunflower Land Tops DappRadar Top 10 Most Played List

The farming simulation game bested popular games like Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, and Mobox for the top spot.

Most Played Blockchain Game

Sunflower Land, a PlayAndOwn blockchain game on the Polygon network currently still in Beta, topped the Week 19 list of most played blockchain games released by DappRadar.

The DappRadar team released their list through a tweet on May 15. Sunflower Land, the second iteration of the Polygon game, Sunflower Farmers, appeared first on a list that includes popular blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Mobox, and Pegaxy. DappRadar credits the launch of the $SFL token with helping the GameFi project reach the top.

“Sunflower Land tops the weekly gaming charts as it saw the launch of its native token SFL. This boosted activity for the game despite the fluctuating pricing of the token,” said the decentralized application tracking and management platform in their blog post. “Blockchain games drive 52% of all on-chain activity, according to our latest BGA Blockchain Game Report for Q1 2022.”


WorldWideWebb, Arc8, Aavegotchi, Farmer’s World, and Crabada complete the ten GameFi protocols on the list. WorldWideWebb was the only “virtual world” project that made the list and sits second to Sunflower Land. The list gives assurance that the Sunflower Land team, which continues to release improvements to their platform, is headed in the right direction despite unfavorable market conditions at the moment.

“At a time when markets are hurting and projects are bleeding it’s very reassuring to know that we continue to provide stability to our users,” Steeve Woody, Sunflower Land advisor, told Web3Wire. “This stability is rewarded by a loyal community who continues to grow, allowing us to celebrate owning the top spot this week on Dappradar. All this with controlled limits for onboarding. Just imagine when we open the flood gates to everyone!”

Check out the full list from DappRadar for more details. A video version of the list was also released by the DappRadar team.

What is Sunflower Land:

Sunflower land is a farming simulation PlayToOwn blockchain gaming project built on the Polygon network. It is a metaverse that reflects real-life economic principles of supply and demand, with an in-game mechanic that makes resources more scarce over time. In addition, it is a community-developed project where each item in the game can be owned on the Polygon chain, enabling users to collect valuable NFTs and trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Where to find Sunflower Land:

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub | Whitepaper |

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