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Polygon_Daily Admin hosts StrongNode: #StrongNode #StrongNodeEdge #PolygonDaily #Polygon

Polygon_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Daniel Saito: Hey there, I am doing great!  Glad to be here.

Polygon_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Daniel Saito: Sounds great more than ever.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team StrongNode please have a quick introduction to the community. What is StrongNode all about? What is the major goal of this project and what sets it apart?

Daniel Saito: My name is Daniel Saito and I am the CEO and Co-founder of StrongNode. StrongNode is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company and innovation lab. We harness the power of latent and idle compute resources like CPU/GPU cycles, network bandwidth, and storage of the everyday common man/woman. In return, you get paid in StrongNode tokens [$SNE] when you lend your network and compute resources.

Q2: What makes the team behind it special/the best fit to accomplish the goal? How are the advisors helping the project?

Daniel Saito: The core StrongNode ( team consists of C-Suite members that have commanded +10 exits to dates ($8.5B of exit liquidity to our investors). My CTO is Colin Charles (, early employee at RedHat (, Chief of Community at MySQL ( and co-founder of MariaDB ( server. We started with the concept of free software and needed to find a business model.  Which then we pivoted the business to selling support. We grew community and users and customers and exit for $1B to Sun Microsystems ( My CPO (chief product officer), Gil ( works at Adobe ( and worked with numerous product launches with Fortune 500 companies. We took this opportunity to band together for a common cause and start StrongNode.

Q3: How can we as individual end-users benefit from the StrongNode edge technology?

Daniel Saito: We utilize the consumers’ latent resources from your PC/MAC/LINUX [environment] (CPU, bandwidth, storage) and use it for a batch processing cluster using the map/reduce method of sorting jobs and processing it with the $SNE token economic incentive to participate both as a broadcaster and a receiver. We have many other use cases planned as we scale out our node network with launching our innovation lab and all the fun platforms we have planned out to use the StrongNode technology. We will place mechanisms in place and people can engage by offering these services getting $SNE tokens. By ensuring your uptime and availability of your computer on the node network will allow for you to earn more tokens passively while browsing the web or watching Netflix.

Q4: How will enterprises and companies benefit from the StrongNode network and ecosystem?

Daniel Saito: Enterprises and academia are some of our main users since they usually have the big data jobs that require analysis. AI, map/reduce, be it for COVID analysis or even clickstream analysis. We also expect end-users for the VPN portion, where you have an exit node on a residential non-commercial IP. Enterprise data sets are ideal for map/reduce from AI, Covid analysis to ad clickstream data. We want to attract SMB to large enterprises to tap into the network.

Q5: What values drive all the technology that StrongNode creates? We heard you mentioned Open Source and Community?

Daniel Saito: We are a firm believer that the community builds product. Community drives product development. When running an open-source project, the value is derived on the community involvement and it is up to the community to dictate that it is a success. Here at StrongNode, this is where the crossroads of Innovation cross with Community in helping us build a sustainable edge network. We learned the value of community as we were the tenets of OPEN SOURCE with our experience in launching Linux at RedHat and databases at MySQL. We have plans to utilize open source yet build a payments layer to it.

Q6: You have an upcoming IDO, what should we know about the $SNE token and its value for individuals or for companies?

Daniel Saito:

Q7: When can we learn and study more about and how to join the upcoming IDO?

Daniel Saito: Our IDO is almost here – happening around the end of this month with Join us for our IDO and get to know more about the process of whitelisting yourself to participate through this link –

Q8: Can you share with us about your partnerships & influencers you are collaborating with?

Daniel Saito: There is a lot going on behind the scenes. You can find out more about our future partnerships here:

We have a partnership with ( and BullPerks ( to launch StrongNode in the whole crypto ecosystem.  Our recent partnership with Xfinite was annouced on NewsBTC ( and LP partners with $QUICK ( since we will be in the Polygon ecosystem. We have a 100 DAY marketing plan which is constantly being iterated and added to each day.  

As you can see we are just getting started, we have a world-class Business Development team and Marketing team. More great announcements post-IDO.

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