StreamingFast Introduces a New and Improved PancakeSwap Dashboard

StreamingFast has integrated its streaming service with the PancakeSwap dashboard to develop a new dashboard that is almost 60x faster than before. Their subgraph stack ensures reliable live data flow, development, iteration, and faster production times, making the dashboard appealing to incoming investors.

Streamingfast Improves Pancakeswap’s Dashboard by Almost 60x

Blockchain data streaming giants StreamingFast announced development of a new and improved dashboard for PancakeSwap on April 26th. This new dashboard is almost 60x faster than the previous dashboard existing on the decentralized exchange (DEX). StreamingFast chose to improve PancakeSwap’s dashboard after discovering that PancakeSwap’s subgraph has been attempting to sync for about two months, and most likely will never get into sync. This subgraph uses polling which makes it five times slower than the chain’s real-time speed. After running a parallelized stress-test version of the subgraph stack, StreamingFast discovered that they could improve the sync times of any subgraph (including that of PancakeSwap) by 200x no matter how demanding the subgraph may be. Live data flow to the subgraph is reliable, and iteration and production times become faster under the new dashboard. This faster sync enables faster information output, making the UI of the DEX seem far more smooth than before.


Timeline of events

PancakeSwap info site goes down, the subgraph is blamed for it

PancakeSwap team offers a reward of $150K to replace the graph protocol

Problem solved as StreamingFast uses the graph to create a dashboard that almost 60x faster than the previous one

About StreamingFast 

StreamingFast is an insanely fast infrastructural platform for blockchains built on Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machines. StreamingFast aids projects to deliver exceptional user experiences by building responsive and fluid interfaces. Another project utilizing StreamingFast’s fast and reliable streaming capabilities is Polygon, whose infrastructural layered ecosystem has just been released. Polygon’s aim is to achieve a multi-chain ecosystem with Ethereum using standalone and secured layer 2 chains, using StreamingFast to speed up their data processing. In a related development, StreamingFast recently launched its highly efficient streaming service on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, BSC developers get to enjoy additional data integrity and reduced data costs since StreamingFast nodes are already distributed worldwide. 

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